‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reacts To Hair Critics With More Hair – But Some Fans Like It

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown’s been very quiet on social media. TV Shows Ace noted that it could be due to them filming for a new season. Often, reality TV personalities go quieter during filming, so as to not give away spoilers. But, Kody broke his silence when it came to criticism of his hair. And, he shared a pic showing he has even more hair. But, some fans like it.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown reacts to a post about his hair in May and October

Kody’s been so quite on social media that maybe he only spotted the post about his hair now. But, it was actually posted in May. On May 8, Twitter user @ToreyJill shared three photos of Kody Brown’s hair. She captioned it with, “The evolution of Kody Brown’s rat trap….has it gone from bad to worse or worse to good…I just don’t know anymore!” From the reactions, many people thought the man bun’s about the worst ever.

Fans said, “Wow! Cut it all off and start again,” and “Cut it off you look much better with short hair.” Other comments included, “Very unattractive. Maybe he’s going through Midlife crisis.” Of course, the inevitable Meri Brown fans went off-track and commented on how Kody treats her. Mostly though, very few people liked any of his hairstyles. Some people reminded him that he’s a grandpa now, and should look his age. Like, maybe a bald razor-cut. But, now the Sister Wives patriarch responded and he’s got a new, if hairier look.

Kody’s got even more hair now but some fans like it a lot

Kody Brown posted up his retaliation photo a few days ago. Actually, he wore his hair down, and that teeny tiny beard’s now a full-face one. Looking windswept and sort of like he’s auditioning for a new Braveheart movie, he said, “Happy?” Well, it seems that many fans really are very happy with the new look from the Sister Wives father.

Here’s some reactions to it:

  • “Full beard is a win.”
  • “Well I like this look!”
  • “Looks good. Smouldering in fact.”
  • “Woah…….Looking good!!!”
  • “Thank God you got rid of that man bun.”
  • “Keep the beard! It totally adds to the hair!”
  • “Best ‘look’ so far the greying suits you.”
  • Keep the full beard!! It looks great Kody. And the curls are looking good.

One fan noted, “He looks like Jeff Bridges when he played The Dude.” And, he does look very similar. Of course, you can’t ever please everyone, and one Sister Wives follower told him to “keep the beard and shave off the rest.” Meanwhile, one hater summed it up for the trolls, noting, “It is HIDEOUS!!! ALWAYS, ANY WAY!!! THE MAN IS HIDEOUS!!!”

What do you think of Kody Brown’s new look? He’s got even more hair now with that full beard. But it does give him a certain movie star look and many fans like it. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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