Todd Chrisley Gives Advice On Misplaced Trust

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Todd Chrisley is a very opinionated man. He is also a man with a silver tongue. As his 1.9 million Instagram followers know, he has a love for deep and meaningful memes. In the caption of his posts containing memes, he likes to delve even deeper. But, all of these things are why most Chrisley Knows Best fans love Todd.

Todd Chrisley has some thoughts on trust this Saturday morning.

Chrisley took to his Instagram Saturday morning to share a black meme with yellow lettering regarding trust. The meme read:

“A person who trusts no one now, once trusted someone too much.”

The lettering are in all capital letters and just hit his profile less than an hour ago. In his caption of the post, Todd referred to life as both a “brutal” and a “beautiful” thing.

“Life’s lessons will take you to point of breaking and then God will give you the strength the rise above,” he added.

Chrisley noted that once the hard part was over you could laugh afterward. You could encourage life to throw more of a challenge at you next time.

“So walk in faith not fear my friends , Gods got us as long as we seek him out,” Chrisley concluded.

Unsurprisingly, the post was well-received by Chrisley Knows Best fans.

Despite the post being on his profile for less than an hour, it was well-received by his followers. It has already accumulated just shy of 10,000 likes with one being from his beautiful daughter Savannah.

Just shy of 500 of his followers also dropped in for a comment.

While it is not uncommon to see negative comments and trolls trying to stir drama, there does not appear to be any in this powerful post.

If there are any negative comments, Todd has not dignified them with a response. So, they are buried.

Many thanked Todd for his “Saturday morning nugget.” Many agreed that the meme was the truth.

“I needed that message today. Thanks for the positive words!” One follower penned in the comments.

Todd Chrisley recently returned to the air.

Those interested in enjoying more of his wit and advice can follow him on Instagram. Or, you can tune in to USA on Thursday nights for new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best. The series is currently wrapping up the second half of Season 7. Presently, it remains unclear as to whether the series will return for a Season 8.

Do you enjoy Todd’s thoughtful memes on Instagram? Did you watch this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments down below. And, keep checking back with us for the latest Chrisley-related news.

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