‘Unexpected’: Is McKayla Causing Drama To Stay On The Show?

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Fans of TLC’s Unexpected aren’t usually impressed with the behavior of the teenage moms and dads on the show. Because the stars are teenagers, they can be immature and make poor choices. Fans often point out the mistakes that the stars make on the show.

For a while, fans of the show have become fixated on one teen mother, in particular. Many fans have shared how annoyed they are becoming with McKayla Adkins. She is the mom of Timothy and Gracelynn. Fans became frustrated when the teen mother became a mom again. Fans still don’t understand how it could happen to her twice. They thought she would prevent it after it happened the first time.


Currently, on the TLC show, which is in its third season, there is tension between Caelan and McKayla. Caelan is the father of Timothy and Gracelynn. Unfortunately, McKayla does not want Caelan to see the kids. With all of her drama, it is difficult for Caelan to communicate with her.

Could McKayla be causing drama to remain on Unexpected?

Because Unexpected is a reality TV show, some drama is necessary. It’s what keeps the viewers hooked on the show. Due to the extent of McKayla’s recent drama, fans are beginning to speculate. Because McKayla gets paid for being on the show, fans think that she might be trying to keep her spot on the show.

All of her drama is keeping fans hooked. They want to see what’s going to happen next between McKayla and Caelan. Plus, there is tension between McKayla and Caelan’s mom, Shelly Morrison. Could she be causing this drama on purpose? Fans agree that there certainly seems to be a lot of extra drama in McKayla’s life.

One fan wrote, “She just craves the spotlight and will go to any lengths to start conflict so she can stay on the show.” This comment came as a response to McKayla not letting Shelly meet her new granddaughter, Gracelynn, at the hospital.

The conflict with Caelan has fans very curious about what’s next for the two young parents. Fans think that Caelan wants to be a part of his kids’ lives. On Unexpected, it looks like McKayla is making that difficult. McKayla often complains about raising the kids on her own, but she doesn’t allow Caelan to help. He is providing for her and the kids, but she blames him for being too busy.

Fans seem to think that McKayla is trying to secure herself a spot on TLC‘s Unexpected. Some fans appear to be torn because they don’t like McKayla and her drama. Still, they want to know what’s coming next. Right now, most viewers are siding with Caelan instead of McKayla.

Do you think McKayla is causing drama to keep viewers interested and to keep her spot on Unexpected? Leave a comment below.

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