‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Speculation: Who Is The Ladybug?

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The Ladybug on Season 2 of The Masked Singer is a tricky one. Whoever is behind the costume took out Ice Cream and stayed in the competition. According to Newsweek, the Ladybug appears to have a southern twang. A couple of judges said they thought the red beauty sounded like a younger singer. During the competition she proved she had a big voice.

Some of the clues are confusing, although judge Nicole Scherzinger posted on Twitter that she thinks it’s Jamie Lynn Spears. The first clue was, “being born into the limelight means keeping up with every piece of gossip and family feud.” Jamie Lynn has her famous sister and Brittney has certainly stirred up some gossip in the past. She fought with both their parents in public and in the tabloids.

What other clues does the Masked Singer contestant give?

In addition to being born in the limelight, she also said, “After a lifetime of drama, I could really use a little love and a lot of luck” and “Now after years of spinning my wheels, the chance to be anonymous makes me feel like I’ve already won a prize.” This clue has a few different things in it. The chance to be anonymous points to it being someone well known.

According to Woman’s Day, a lot of fans think the Ladybug is actually Kelly Osbourne.  There are pictures in the a game show wheel spinning behind the Ladybug. They include a ham, pumpkin, bridge, dog holding mail, gavel, scorpion, skull, police car, and baseball bat.

Her mother threw a baked ham into their neighbor’s yard, and the skull and baseball bat are said to be representative of Ozzy Osbourne. The police car could be Jack Osbourne who is on the show Armed and Famous. There are so many ways it can be tied to Kelly it makes it a pretty plausible theory. Those who are dead set on Kelly think the southern accent is fake to throw people off her trail.

Another popular theory, according to Country Living, based on the family drama and limelight, is that it could be Savannah Chrisley or Lindsie Chrisley. Both of the Chrisley Knows Best sisters could fit that description. Some other fan theories are Vanna White because of the game show references and another said Kathie Lee Gifford. Fans will continue to tune in as the Ladybug battles it out on the second season.

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