‘Married At First Sight’ Baby Update: Jamie Otis Shares Good And Bad About New Pregnancy

'Married At First Sight' Couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner via Instagram

Married at First Sight couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have had a rough 18 months. The couple has been trying to conceive. In that time period, Jamie suffered two miscarriages and the disappointment of getting negative pregnancy tests month after month. The couple is now happy to announce that Jamie is pregnant again. She has been amazing at sharing the good and the bad things with her fertility struggles and now her new pregnancy.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner share pregnancy news with fans

Jamie and Doug started seeing a fertility specialist not too long ago after struggling to become pregnant. On September 7, Jamie took to Instagram to share her news that she was pregnant again. In the emotional post, Jamie and Doug are still at the fertility clinic, holding an ultrasound photo for all to see.

In the post Jamie said, “We went to the fertility specialist and found out WE ARE PREGNANT!!!🤰🏼 I cannot even believe it!😭👏🏻🥰…after 18 long, painful months, two losses and negative after negative on the pregnancy tests we are *finally* pregnant again!💗 Of course I am being cautiously optimistic, but I have a feeling this little one is going to stick..🙏🏻🤰🏼🙏🏻 ….the only thing is, yesterday the nurse called and said my blood work came back a bit different than anticipated.”

She went on to say her blood work was better than expected. This could mean she is either further along or could possibly be carrying twins. Doug replied to her post saying, “I knew my boys could swim!🤣 … love you so much jam! Here we grow again! Henley’s going to be the best big sister! 👧🏼👶🏼.”


Jamie has fertility appointments regularly to monitor pregnancy

On September 13, Jamie and Doug had another appointment with the fertility specialist. She once again posted the details about their visit on Instagram. In the photo, seen below, the two are hugging holding another ultrasound photo.

Jamie captioned the photo saying, “After 18 months & 2 losses, WE *FINALLY* HAVE A VIABLE PREGNANCY!!!!🤰🏼✨👶🏼💫🙏🏻 My fertility appointment went so well!☺️The doc saw a growing amniotic sac and yolk sac! My hcg levels are now 11,453.1 & progesterone is off the charts reading >60 (!!!) which essentially just means everything is going smoothly!👏🏻.”

She continued her post saying they still did not have an official due date other than May 2020. Jamie also commented that they are not thinking it is twins anymore. Only one amniotic sac could be seen on the ultrasound.


Jamie shares some troubling news on social media

Taking to Instagram again, Jamie shared some potentially bad news with supporters. She said, “I’ve been SURE about this pregnancy up until recently..and it’s kinda my own fault.😕 A few days ago my fertility nurse called and told me my progesterone levels dropped. It wasn’t terrible, but she told me that I should continue to take the progesterone suppositories like the doc subscribed.” Jamie continued, “This is so embarrassing to admit, but I assumed bc my progesterone levels were so high a couple weeks ago (they were literally off the charts) that I could stop taking the supplements. I was prescribed them as a precaution and since I’ve been so sick and tired (and the side effects are -TMI, but being honest with ya- super gross discharges😳 I just assumed I’d be fine without them.”

She also admitted that being an RN and a labor and delivery nurse she should have known better than to stop the pills without discussing it with her doctor. Jamie went on to say she was back on her meds and seeing the doctor again the next morning.


Another trip to the fertility doctor brings good news

While Jamie had been worried she had made a mistake, things are turning out great. Jamie had another fertility appointment yesterday and once again kept supporters informed of the baby’s progress. She took to Instagram and said,

“I cried TEARS👏🏻of👏🏻JOY when I saw our baby on the ultrasound at the fertility specialist today! I couldn’t wait to get home to show @doughehner this little one’s pic…He/she has grown a little body & even has little arm and leg buds now!!👶🏼🌈 I got to hear the heart beating loud and strong, too.🙏🏻💗 This sweet nugget had me worried for a second but he/she is definitely hanging out for a while…hopefully the next 33 weeks!🤰🏼✨🙏🏻.”


Jamie went on to thank fans for their support and prayers.  Everyone can’t wait to follow Jamie, Doug and Henley on this journey. Countdown to May is on! Check back often with TV Shows Ace to find out more about Jamie’s pregnancy.



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