Cheryl Burke On ‘DWTS’ Training Amidst Ray Lewis Injury Drama

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Ray Lewis recently sustained an injury that forced him to drop out of DWTS. Now, his partner, Cheryl Burke, is talking about her thoughts on the training time the show gives the dancers.

Ray Lewis sustains a ‘DWTS’ injury

Ray Lewis, unfortunately, got hurt while preparing for DWTS. He already had the injury, but his time dancing seems to have brought it back. He actually tore the tendons in his toes. Because of this, he has to have surgery. That’s definitely not what anyone wants to happen when they are trying to compete on a show. Ray’s partner thinks this is due to the training time they get Hollywood Life says.

Apparently, all the stars used to get six weeks to warm up. Now, they only get three. That’s a pretty big shock when you aren’t actually a dancer who is practicing every single day. A body isn’t used to being put through that much in such a short period of time.

“We used to do six weeks of training. I’m not saying it should be that, but now we have three weeks. I think we need to go back to four or five weeks because your body’s in shock. This is no joke. This is full-on 7 days a week. Your body is not used to the way it’s moving. We need to avoid injuries. We had Jewel, Nancy O’Dell…it just happens. It’s full-on,” Cheryl said.

She has a great point, training is always important no matter what sport you are competing in. However, this becomes even more important when the person isn’t used to doing said sport.

This isn’t the first injury…

There was already an injury this season, so this isn’t looking great for DWTS. Right before the season started, Christi Brinkley actually broke her arm. That meant her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, had to take her place. We just hope that there aren’t any more injuries this season. After all, there’s a lot of talent on the screen so it would be nice to keep everyone happy and dancing, not injured and going home early.

Do you think the dancers should be given more training time? Do you think three weeks is too short? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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