‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Speculation: Who Is Flower?

The Flower, Youtube

Fans love trying to figure out who the masked singers are on the show. There are always guesses especially in the very beginning. Now that Season 2 has started, fans are going to social media to speculate about who they think the disguised singers are.

One character fans think they’ve really gotten nailed down is Flower. Flower sports a large purple rose headdress and a green embroidered outfit. One clue Flower has given, according to Distractify, is, “I blossom in every field I plant myself in and I am here to branch out yet again.”

Who do the Masked Singer fans think Flower is?

Fans are pretty sure the artist behind Flower is Mayim Bialik. The word blossom was a big clue for them because she starred on the show. They also noticed that the number 314 was associated with her. The number is her character’s apartment on The Big Bang Theory.

Other people Flower could be based on the clues

The second part of the clue has some fans thinking those people are wrong. She also said, “I am going to put my petals to the metals and make the other singers wilt.” Fans don’t think that adds up with Mayim because she’s not a metal head or a race car driver. It’s possible that line could be in there to throw people off.

The judges, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, along with host Nick Cannon, aren’t sure. According to Your Tango, the judges were pretty stumped. They thought the number 314 in the roses might mean the singer is saying she’s from St. Louis. There’s also a brief moment when she stands in an alley with grafitti around her.

Some fans have guessed a couple of other people. The “petals to the metals,” had some thinking Danica Patrick. Vanessa Williams is another possibility because of the hint on Instagram that accompanies the flower. It says, “she’s beauty and she’s grace.” Other fans on Instagram think that it was a clue for Miss Congeniality and are thinking Flower could be Sandra Bullock. One fan said, “she did put the pedal to the metal in ‘Speed!'” William Shatner does say the words to that song during the climax of her movie.

The name Bette Midler has even been thrown out a couple of times. The speculation will continue as Season 2 of The Masked Singer moves forward and the singing continues.

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