Jinger Duggar Vuolo Shows Off Felicity’s Personality In New Photo

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

Duggar fans have seen no shortage of sweet pictures of Felicity Vuolo. The one-year-old is the star of both Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram pages. On social media, they share lots of adorable pictures and updates about their young daughter.

On Saturday, Jinger posted a new picture of her daughter. In the picture, Felicity is wearing a plaid dress and silver shoes. Of course, she has a little bow in her hair. She’s posing against a fence and is making a silly face. In her caption, Jinger describes Felicity as having “so much personality!”

Duggar fans have seen plenty of pictures and videos of the one-year-old’s personality. She seems to love being in front of the camera and loves the attention she gets from her parents. Fans agree that Felicity seems like such a happy and easygoing baby. From what Jinger and Jeremy post on social media, it seems like they have a lot of fun with their little girl.


In the comments of Jinger’s recent post, Duggar fans are leaving sweet comments about Felicity. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • “Love that outfit!!! She’s just adorable!!! You can see her personality in her pics!”

  • “Oh she’s cute!! I love her shoes!!”
  • “So sweet .. she looks more like a little girl in her pretty.. dress rather than a baby …”
  • “She always has a look of pure happiness on her face”.
  • “Her hair seems to be getting lighter! California sun! She is a doll!”

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are enjoying living in Los Angeles

Duggar fans will recall that Jeremy and Jinger recently made the move from Laredo, Texas to Los Angeles, California. On social media, they have been updating their fans about their new life on the west coast. In Jinger’s recent post, she tagged her location at Porto’s Bakery.

In the comments of Jinger’s post, fans are going crazy over Porto’s. They are suggesting what Jeremy and Jinger should try while eating at Porto’s. They are also giving recommendations for other great restaurants in the area.

From their social media accounts, fans can tell that Jinger and Jeremy have become foodies while living in Los Angeles. Many of their posts include the tasty foods they have been trying.


In addition to trying new foods, the Vuolo family has been enjoying the sunshine and finding unique spots to spend their time. So far, it looks like they are loving life in Los Angeles.

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The Duggar family returns to TLC’s Counting On on Tuesday, October 15. Stay tuned for updates!

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