‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Fan Takes Issue Chloe Tribute & Todd Isn’t Having It

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Chrisley Knows Best star has been especially active on Instagram lately. Unfortunately, with all that activity comes a lot of Instagram trolls.

As those who follow TV Shows Ace know, we’ve previously reported that Todd Chrisley showered both Savannah and Chloe with love and affection in honor of National Daughter Day.

It was a little over 24 hours ago that Chrisley took to his Instagram account. He shared two separate posts. The first contained a picture of him, his wife, and their daughter Savannah. In the post, he gushed about how much he loved his daughter and how happy he was to have her in his life.

In the second post, Todd turned his attention to his granddaughter. While she technically isn’t his daughter, he loves her just as much as his own children.

“And then there’s this little beauty , Happy Daughters day my sweet Chloe,” the TV personality declared in his sweet tribute to his young granddaughter.

Most Chrisley Knows Best followers supported his tribute to Chloe.

With over 45,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments, most of Chrisley Knows Best followers fell in love with the tribute. They appreciated him sharing it with them.

As Todd has also become accustomed to, a few IG trolls quickly found their way into the comments too.


As TV Show Ace has already previously reported, one IG troll took issue with the tribute out of concern for Kyle. They claimed to worry the tribute would send the wrong messages to Todd’s son. Todd, however, was quick to shut the individual down as he reported his relationship with his son was fine. More importantly, it was none of their concern.

One Instagram troll blasted Todd as Chloe isn’t his daughter and shouldn’t be honored on National Daughter Day.

“She’s your granddaughter not daughter.” One IG troll declared in a comment that has been liked 24 times with over 64 individuals taking the time to reply.

Unsurprisingly, Todd Chrisley himself was one of the first to respond to the comment.

“Well aren’t you so insightful , thank you for stating the obvious , now may I do the same ? Wtf is it to you as to how we address each other in my family ?” He penned in a response that has accumulated over 500 likes.

Many Chrisley Knows Best fans reacted to his response with love and support as they weren’t a fan of the original nasty comment.

Some individuals tagged the person who left the original comment and noted that Todd had a huge part in raising Chloe and had every right to address and honor her however he wanted to.


Several of his followers declared their love for Todd and his family. They gushed about how much they enjoyed reading his responses to IG trolls.

Overall, no one seemed to agree with the tribute not being appropriate for Chloe.

Stick with us at TV Shows Ace for the latest Chrisley Knows Best related news. And, share your thoughts on Todd’s tribute to his granddaughter in the comments down below.

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