‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Gushes About Her Gorgeous Granddaughter Evie K

ister Wives Janelle gushes over grandchild Evie K

Sister Wives fans know that just over a month ago, Maddie Brown Brush delivered Evie K, the second grandchild in the Brown family. Obviously, Janelle’s delighted. The little girl is a little cutie pie. Taking to her Instagram, Janelle shared a photo from Maddie and gushed about her granddaughter.

Sister Wives baby Evie is very cute and starting to show some personality

On September 19, Maddie Brown took to her Instagram to share a photo of little Evie K in her first real dress. It came in honor of her first month of life and she looked lovely and so kissable. Fans of the show gushed about her. TV Shows Ace noted, “The tiny little dress also drew a lot of compliments. Fans love the white with red flowers and yellowish ones that match the color of the bow. They also noted how the white dress enhances those stunning blue eyes!”

In the latest post that Janelle Brown shared, the littlest member of the Sister Wives family came captioned with, “She is clearly unimpressed at the moment.” So her little personality is starting to show. Plus, fans of the show noted, she has a strong resemblance to grandpa Kody Brown. One fan noted, “She sure looks like her grandpa. Congrats on another sweet faced grand child!!” Actually, she does look a bit like Kody, although much cuter. She also has a  strong hint of resemblance to her mom, Maddie.


Gorgeous granddaughter Evie K – Janelle Brown gushes

Janelle reshared the post and gushed about her granddaughter. Her caption read, “How can you not just be in love at first sight with this little girl! #grandmalife #grandkidsarethebest #cutestfaceever” Aww, well, you can’t blame granny Janelle, as grand kids are always so special. Plus, Evie K’s really cute. Her face does show her looking “unimpressed” as well. Fans of Sister Wives chimed in their thoughts. Here’s what some of them said to gushing granny:

  • “Oh my gosh that face!! She’s soooo cute!! 😍.”
  • “She is so precious! I find you and your family such truly inspiring people!”
  • “She’s precious Janelle. I’m so happy for your family. How is Maddie feeling?”
  • “Omg that face. What a doll.”
  • “She’s beautiful ❤️ congratulations Grandma.”
  • “Congrats to a great mom and grandmom!”
  • “She is so beautiful……enjoy every moment ….”
  • “She is a very beautiful baby.”

Actually, hundreds of comments like these came in from Sister Wives fans, as you can see in the post below.


Once again, this cute little grandchild, Evie K is dressed in white with a floral design which really brings out those big blue eyes. What do you think about this picture? Are you surprised that Janelle Brown gushes about her? She really does look very cute. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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