Jackson Michie Of ‘Big Brother’ Sets The Record Straight After Intense Finale

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Jackson Michie waited all season for the moment he would walk out of the Big Brother house and be crowned the winner. But as his moment came, he barely gave a smile.

Michie Finds It Hard To Enjoy His Win After Being Hit With A Bombshell

Michie was so taken back by bullying and racism accusations against him, he didn’t have it in him to enjoy his $500,000 win. Julie Chen had told him of some concerns expressed by viewers and a few of his houseguests. David Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, and Ovi Kabir had some things to say about his behavior in the house throughout the summer.

After the finale of Season 21 on Wednesday, September 25, Michie shared his thoughts in these final moments. He mentioned that not all things are heard in the house. Being hit with something like this in such an intense time is a lot to take in.

“But also it was a lot of shock in the sense that you couldn’t tell I’m wearing the same clothes that I moved-in in. I didn’t pack according to finale night because I didn’t know if I would actually make it,” he continued. “So a lot of it was a shock from the questions, shock from actually winning and staying true to my goal of seeing confetti. But nonetheless, it was a lot of excitement on the inside. I just kind of didn’t… it was a lot to handle. I just made half a million for a summer. That’s a pretty good take.”

Even though some of his housemates weren’t too pleased with his actions, the server didn’t seem too concerned about losing the prize to his on-screen romance, Holly Allen.


He Acknowledged What Needs To Change, But Also Defends Himself

Michie went on to defend his words, while also acknowledging that some things need a change. He knows he’s very abrasive, having a lot of energy and passion in everything he says and does. But he respects women and treats everyone the same. He went on to acknowledge that he needs to work on it and tone it down in some areas. He continued, “I don’t see race or gender or anyone when I’m having a conversation. And if someone upsets me, they upset me the same way that a guy would.”

UsWeekly reported that he was surprised to hear that some people thought he was demoralizing and condescending to women. These were not his intentions.

“I’m an only child and I’m a mama’s boy at heart and I love my mom to death, but I know who I am and I know not. And I truly do respect women,” he said. “I hate that someone may think that out there.”

The 24-year-old now has a wallet with $500,00 in it. He said he plans to buy a car, settle into an apartment, and handle a few expenses. Possibly splurging on a trip with Holly, 31.

Jackson Michie said that he and Holly will be in each other’s lives, regardless of their relationship status or lack-there-of. Even if they both end up in a relationship with someone else, he says they will still be best friends.

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