‘Unexpected’: Hailey 2 Rants On Haters, Poor Matthew’s Misunderstood

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Unexpected fans heard very early on from spoilers that Hailey Marie Tomlinson and Matthew Blevins were a hot mess. TV Shows Ace reported that another Hailey, Hailey 2 (Hailey’s bestie), made off with Hailey Tomlinson’s baby daddy, Matthew. Very much in love, the couple gets loads of haters on social media. Now, Hailey 2 ranted on those haters, and it looks like she feels poor Matthew’s all misunderstood and hard done by.

Unexpected, Haily 2 gets down and rants about fans hating on poor Matthew

Rumors about the unfaithful Matthew first came out via Starcasm. They wrote that the long and involved mess on Matthew’s cheating was no secret. On their IG accounts, the two of them rave about their love for each other. Naturally, haters go there as fans of TLC think Hailey 2 really is not the definition of a BFF. Also, they think Matthew abandoned his responsibilities. Now, thoroughly sick of it all, Haley 2 went ballistic and ranted at haters.

In the long rant, the Unexpected sidekick said a lot of things, but in part, she mainly told haters to get over it or go away. It came after rumors of both her being pregnant, and other rumors that they broke up hit social media. She said, “Alright here we go.. ME AND MATTHEW AREN’T BROKEN UP❗️ If you don’t like that then you probably just should stop reading now. These pictures were within the first week or two of me and Matthew’s relationship.”

Breakup rumors sparked by old photos

Anyway, it turns out she shares old pics them because they remind her of the good ol’ days when they first fell in love. She added, “Y’all don’t like me or him because of what you saw on a tv show, we get that.” However, they determined that they won’t live their lives for Unexpected fans. Plus, they accept that no matter what they do, the haters will just keep hating. In fact, “we can’t just void our lives because of some comments and haters,” says Hailey 2. Then having started the drama, Hailey says they are “done feeding into the drama.”

Next, Hailey went on about poor Matthew. She said that she “fell in love with Matthew because I see what y’all don’t see.” Hailey notes, “I see the vulnerable Matthew…who didn’t have an easy childhood, the Matthew who didn’t get parent love growing up, the Matthew who even though he doubts himself is so smart and warm hearted. You guys make him out to be a bad guy right off the bat when you don’t know the first thing about him.”


Matthew’s not a cheater says Hailey 2

According to Hailey 2, the Unexpected baby daddy’s “not a cheater.” Nope, he’s not, she insists. In fact, he only “made some mistakes.” In fact, she thinks we all think he cheated from what we see “on the internet.” After more tirade, Hailey 2 ended with, “We knew being on a TV Show would do this so therefore we are learning to live with it.” Okay, well, Hailey 2, after that rant it certainly sounds like they’re not actually living with it just yet. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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