‘DWTS’ Rumors Fly, Is Hannah Brown Being A Diva?

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Rumors are flying and reports are saying Hannah Brown is being a huge Diva on the dance floor during DWTS. Could it be true? Hannah was just about the biggest sweetheart on The Bachelorette, so it’s hard to imagine her being a diva.

Hannah Brown on ‘DWTS’

Rumor has it Hannah has been a huge diva on the dance floor this season of DWTS. However, others are saying it simply isn’t true. Apparently, she’s a hard worker, and just as sweet as you could imagine. So, those rumors can be put to rest.

According to Gossip Cop, her dance partner has lots of good things to say about her. He would know seeing as he spends the most time with her of anyone. Some people even think she and her partner should date because of their great dancing chemistry.

“She doesn’t give herself enough credit,” Alan Bersten said. “She is the hardest worker I’ve ever met.”

That’s such a nice thing of Alan to say considering other people see her as being stuck up and still riding her Bachelorette fame. Hannah admits that she used to dance when she was younger. However, some apparently think that’s her being snooty. Then, they say she’s a diva because of her time that she just had on The Bachelorette. However, even Hannah’s spokesperson says these rumors just aren’t true.


Even Hannah admitted that the transition hasn’t been a piece of cake. Hannah admits to struggling with the dance practices now. Her life has been going non-stop on camera. It’s got to get a little exhausting to go through.

“Rehearsals have been really hard for me… Going from The Bachelorette to being on Dancing with the Stars, I’m having to work through some things,” Hannah admitted about her time on DWTS.

She’s really doing great though. She has so much spunk on stage and she and her partner had so much chemistry. It’s clear Hannah was born to perform and her smile seemed to light up the entire room. It seems like she will make it really, really far in the competition this season.

What do you think of Hannah Brown on DWTS? Do you think she’s probably being a diva or do you just not see it as being possible? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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