Eileen Davidson Reveals The Reason She Left ‘RHOBH’ After LVP Says She Was Fired

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The battle of the former housewives continues between Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump. Now Eileen is coming back against LVP’s comment. Lisa Vanderpump retaliated after Davis said her leaving the show was a “p***y move.” The SUR owner rebutted: “At least I wasn’t fired.”

Eileen wants her former co-star to know she wasn’t fired and revealed the real reason she left RHOBH. Sharing a video of herself talking about it and calling out Lisa to look at it, was her way of telling everyone.

Eileen had a cheeky interview with Andy Cohen on his show. According to her Lisa Vanderpump held the most responsibility for being wrong during Puppygate. The soap star seemed to have no problem giving her opinion of that drama and other housewives drama.

Vanderpump who is not one to stay quiet, responded: “At least I resigned, you weren’t honest about the fact that you were fired. Now that’s a p***y move as you call it.”

Eileen initially replied to this with a kiss emoji. But, then, later sent a tweet that addressed it. Twitter is where the housewives love to argue. After the Puppygate episodes aired, Kyle and Lisa kept their Twitter feeds hot with insults.

Why Did Eileen Davidson Really Leave RHOBH?

Eileen Davidson came back at LVP and told her to check out an interview she had given. Davidson said to check around the 13:00 minute mark. She finished the tweet, “Also when I left @RHOBH Bravo asked me not to discuss deets.” She told them to have a lovely day and left it at that.

In the interview, she told the camera the producers wanted to downgrade her to a “friend.” She wasn’t okay with that and decided to leave the show.

In the video below according to Reality Blurb she says, “They actually asked me to take a step down. They still wanted me on but in a limited capacity and I’m like no.”

She also said she’d never planned to be on the show for that long. She had no desire to just be a friend.

Eileen said leaving the show would be best when she made an announcement saying she’d no longer be a housewife.

Her reasons there were because of her crazy schedules on soap operas. Davidson said it was best for her and her family. Lisa will most likely respond to this in some way and fans are waiting to see what she says.

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