Star of ‘Alone’ Tracy Wilson Passes Away at 48

Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson, a reality TV star on season 2 of The History Channel series Alone, passed away at the age of 48 after a sudden illness on September 16, 2019 in Rexburg, Idaho.

A brave woman.

Wilson was born in Madrid, Spain at Torrejon Air Base to a military family stationed overseas. Her family moved often, and eventually settled in South Carolina where she graduated from South Aiken High School. She followed in her family’s footsteps and quickly joined the armed forces after graduating high school. She served bravely in Saudi Arabia with the U.S. Air Force. Wilson became a deputy with the Aiken County Sherrif’s Office in South Carolina when she returned from service. She was a well respected member of the police force and also worked as a deputy with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office. She moved on to serve as an officer with the New Ellenton and USC-Aiken Police Departments and Wackenhut at the Savannah River Site.

A strong survivalist.

Though she was both a veteran and a former police officer, Wilson was most known as a survivalist. She appeared on season 2 of Alone on the History Channel. Fans of the show will remember Wilson’s tenacity as she bore through the show’s challenges. Season 2 set contestants to fend for themselves on Vancouver Island in Canada, where they were permitted to choose 10 survival tools before fighting the elements alone.

Ready for a challenge.

“I’ve been through quite a bit in my life,” said Wilson on her introductory video for Alone. “I’ve been witness to a lot of very difficult things that have been very emotionally and physically trying.”

Wilson was ever positive and continued, “That island will renew my sense of hope in people as well as in myself.”

Dig deep to conquer challenges.

Wilson was often introspective as she considered the challenges of the tasks ahead of her. “Each person has to dig deep to get past whatever they have to endure to get where they want to be,” said Wilson. “I’m hoping I can put myself in the presence of mind to be accepting of whatever that island has to teach.” Perhaps Wilson’s years of service in the Air Force and law enforcement taught Wilson these life lessons.

Since her appearance on Alone, Wilson has traveled across America teaching survival skills. Wilson is survived by her parents, her two siblings, three children, and two grandchildren. We deeply regret Wilson’s loss at such a young age, and we send sincere condolences to her family. We can all learn from Wilson’s messages of hard work, positive demeanor, and conviction. Rest in peace, Tracy Wilson.

Allie Johnson


  1. My deepest condolences to Tracy’s children and her whole family, friends. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us on Alone Season 2, and thank you for your Service both in the Airforce and in Law Enforcement. God Bless and Keep you, Tracy. 🙏

      1. Imagine seeing the tragic loss of a veteran so incredibly young and thinking “let me do anything within my power to be disrespectful of this person and their legacy.” Regardless of your despicable politics, you should be really ashamed seeking out a space like this to spread hate and disrespect.

      2. Disgustingly disrespectful. Just because you don’t like the science behind it doesn’t mean you should hate on others. And there’s more science behind this than your little fairy tale God you cling to like a child and his blanket.

      3. You’re only stating facts so I wonder why people are offended. It’s like “the Emperors New Clothes”. We’re all supposed to pretend right along with them.

  2. Rest in peace, dear Tracy. Loved you and your inspiration on Alone. The world is fortunate that you left such a positive imprint behind, even though you passed way too young. All I can do is believe that there was an even higher purpose for you. My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones. I know your soul will watch over them with the same passion you displayed in life. Rest easy, and know your family and friends have the support of the fans whose hearts you touched, including mine. I plan to go back and watch your season, paying close attention to everything you taught us about survival, so I can mirror your skills and someday when I need to utilize one or more of them, I will remember you for having taught it to me.

  3. Very sad to hear that Tracy passed away at such a young age. May the Lord Jesus bless her family with peace and lead them into eternal life.

  4. I was looking for her Facebook or contact info because I’m now watching old Alone episodes and she was an inspiration I wanted to tell her how much love I have for her and her spirit. This sucks. I feel for her family, she is a significant loss to humanity.

      1. Well “he” died from testicular cancer, so ummmm..please explain what is so upsetting. He did a great job on Alone🙌🏼🙌🏼. Props for that, he was one of my fav’s. However, you are what God brought you into this world being. Not trying to tip the apple cart, have a gay nephew and a bi cousin. Life is what we make it…

        1. Thank you for setting the record straight. The truth, although hated by the generation today, is immutable

        2. If you are not trying to tip the apple cart you should just keep your yap shut. Don’t talk in a condescending manner about the dead. God bless all the servicemen and woman who have put their life on the line for our freedom.

  5. Painfully uneducated comments about being born M or F and only that matters. Nope. Nature, across ALL animal species has variations. “Gay” isn’t a choice — unless cats, dogs and all other animals not graced with so-called “free will” are choosing to be with the same sex.
    Anomalies happen. Hermaphrodites for example have both sexual organs — so tell us, what sex were THEY born? And why – WHY is who we lay with or how we feel/believe about ourselves anyone else’s business? The yardstick by which we are measured is our heart, our soul and the light we shine before we burn out.
    So I really don’t care if you identify as a he, she, them or undecided. I ONLY care that you are a good person and will reach your hand out to me as I would reach mine out to you if we ever find ourselves in such need.

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