‘Unexpected’: Rilah Ferrer Discusses The Worst Questions Fans Can Ask A Teen Mom

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer

Unexpected fans enjoy that Rilah Ferrer interacts on her social media, and runs an interesting YouTube Channel. There, we often get a glimpse into the life of her, her baby daddy Anthony, and baby Malayah. Her most recent video brings Rilah talking about some of the inappropriate questions she gets asked. Some things should never get asked, she said.

Unexpected – What are the worst questions you can ask a teen mom?

TLC fans might not be as up on things to ask teen moms as those who follow the MTV franchise on the same subject. Also, the teen moms on Unexpected generally seem younger than those over on the OG and Teen Mom 2 series. So, they’re not as used to intrusive questioning as those other veteran moms. Rilah said she got the inspiration to talk about it by listening to another YouTuber. Rilah notes that some questions are so way out there, that she resorts to hand gestures!

The young mom condensed the things you should never ask a “young mom” into five main topics. Probably there are more than five, but these seem at the top of Rilah’s list. “The first question always gets me,” Rihah said. That question is: “Why weren’t you on birth control?” In reply to that, she said, “I hate that I get asked than now when I have my child.” Additionally, “It is what it is. She’s here and I can’t go back in time and get on birth control.”  She also notes that all she can now is do more to “prevent pregnancy for Malayah.” She adds, “I am a young mom, I am just trying to make the best out of it.”

The second question you should never ask involves her mother

According to Rilah, the second annoying question is: “Did your mom kick you out?” She rolls her eyes, and reminds those Unexpected fans, “I’m in my mom’s house.” Plus her “mom is supportive, so no.” But, Rilah does admit she thought if she got pregnant she might. But, despite that, her mom “loves her grandchild to death.” Plus, she loves Rilah.

The third question Rilah gets that makes her mad, comes on social media. In fact, she questions “what is wrong with” people who ask it? She apparently gets asked, “did you get pregnant to be on TV?” From Rilah’s point of view, anyone who even thought of doing that would have to have some “issues.” She notes there are some teens getting pregnant and going on YouTube to try and make something of it, that’s not why she fell pregnant. In fact, she only heard about Unexpected casting through a cousin when she was already three months into her pregnancy.

‘Why didn’t you get an abortion?’ sits badly with Rilah

Once again, it irritated Rilah when people ask her something that she can’t go back in time and change. Malayah’s here now, she notes. She chose to keep her baby and right now Malayah’s “eating and sleeping and a live human right now.” As she says, would you walk up to anyone, adult or teen, that you don’t know and ask, “Oh? Why didn’t you get an abortion?” Actually, the young Unexpected star’s got a very good point with that.

The final question you shouldn’t ask is: “Do you hand your baby off to grandma?” Some of those actually come as comments, which is even worse – as in it’s okay for you, you just hand it off to grandma. So, Rilah gets spitting mad about that. As she says, maybe she looks “young and dumb,” but just because she’s young doesn’t make her a bad mom. She says, “I’m a good mom.” While Rilah knows a lot of teens who are “good moms too,” she concedes there are bad moms. But that does not mean all teens are bad moms.


What do you think about these questions that really annoy Rilah Ferrer? She feels you should never ask teen moms those questions. Do you agree they’re a bit intrusive? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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