‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Will Demi Burnett Get Married in Paradise?

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Bachelor in Paradise¬†came to a dramatic end last night. Demi Burnett finally got engaged to her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty. Now there’s talk of if the two will exchange vows on the beach next summer.

Bachelor in Paradise wedding bells ring

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty had a pretty rough start on BiP this season. First, Demi was actually with someone else. Then, once Kristian arrived on the beach, she struggled to see past Demi being with someone else. They struggled a lot even as Demi was scared to go out in the real world with a girlfriend.

But, alls well that ends well as the two are now happily engaged. According to Entertainment Tonight the two may tie the knot next summer in Paradise. However, Demi added that she has a special request if they decide to go that route.

“If it’s free, sure,” Demi said. “We’ll see.”


Apparently, the two don’t have a timeline yet of when they would like the ceremony to happen so a year might not be that out of scope. They say they are taking their time now that they are out of the Bachelor Nation world. After all, they had to speed date into an engagement. Now it’s time for them to relax together and plan the wedding of their dreams. Whether its in Paradise or not.

“Bachelor World moves fast, but then the engagement, that’s whenever people actually, like, take the time to be slow about it,” Demi said. “Like, let’s be normal for a bit and date and have fun, and then the wedding will come.”

It didn’t start this happy

Their relationship wasn’t always so happy. When Demi first left for Paradise, Kristian admitted that she felt as though the whole thing was over. That was until she could get to Paradise and show her true feelings for Demi. The rest is history.

“When she left [for Paradise], I had a feeling it was basically over, so I wasn’t really sure, but my feelings were so strong when she was gone,” Kristian. “So, when I got the call [to come to Mexico], I was just excited to talk to her. I just wanted to tell her all the realizations of my feelings and how I felt. I wanted to see her and just tell her how I was feeling at the time.”

Are you happy Demi and Kristian got engaged during BiP? Do you want them to get married in Paradise? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to stay tuned for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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