Joe Giudice’s Family Believes Teresa Giudice Of ‘RHONJ’ Will Divorce Him No Matter What

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Teresa Giudice has been dealing with a nightmare as her husband has been facing possible deportation. According to an article on Radar Online, Joe’s family didn’t speak to her at all when she went to court for him at the beginning of September.

Joe’s family seems to think no matter what happens with the deportation that the RHONJ star will file for divorce.

Why Does Joe’s Family Think Teresa Giudice Will File For Divorce?

In January, Teresa Giudice was allegedly holding hands with Blake Schreck who is much younger than her. Her attorney said they were only business acquaintances and they’ve been working on a project for quite some time together.

The RHONJ┬ástar’s lawyer said there is a photo of a friend helping Teresa out of the venue and to her car. She’d had wine and was wearing heels.

Some people in Joe’s family are preparing for the worst, and an insider thinks that now that Teresa Giudice has tasted freedom, she won’t want to go back. They think Joe is going to get deported and are blaming Teresa for everything.

What’s Joe Looking At Now If The Judge Doesn’t Approve His Appeal?

Since Joe was found guilty of fraud and later served time in jail he was taken into ICE custody. This is where he’s been detained. In July he submitted a brief to why he should stay in the US according to Reality Tea.

The Attorney General replied saying he should still be deported. On the eleventh of September, he filed for an appeal and hoped to be released from ICE. He said if it’s denied, he’ll pull his appeal and go to Italy.

How’s The Reality Mom Handling Everything Right Now?

Teresa Giudice still took the time to throw Audriana a large tenth birthday party according to Celebrity Insider. She spared no expense for her big day and tried to keep some normal in her children’s lives while they wait for the news about Joe. The RHONJ┬ámom has always thrown large parties for her children.

Despite fans and media speculating that Teresa Giudice doesn’t care about the update, Andy Cohen did give an update on how she’s doing. According to Bravo, Andy said, “she’s handing in their man.” He’s been supportive and signed a petition to keep Joe here. Fans have been supportive of Joe as well. Now it’s just a waiting game to see what the verdict will be.

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