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Tamra Judge On Which ‘RHOC’ Star Is The Most Boring And If She Wants Kelly Dodd Fired

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RHOC has had quite a bit of drama this season already. Tamra Judge has been in the middle of most of it. In an interview with Life and Style she continues to tell things like she sees them. Tamra has called out Camille Grammer on Twitter and made fun of Bethenny Frankel’s reasons for leaving RHONY. According to Too Fab, she’s also in a really public battle with former housewife Brandi Glanville who has called her Tamra Grudge. She also says she’s a coward and a hypocrite.

Tamra didn’t hold back on her beef with Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson. Tamra is happy to throw shade at both of them and reveals who she thinks is the most boring. She also talks about what she thinks should change about RHOC.

Who Does Tamra Judge Think Is The Most Boring In The OC?

Tamra Judge says that despite really wanting Kelly Dodd to get fired from the show, she’s good for TV. She said she wouldn’t fire her even if she had the power to. She said people like to watch Kelly act out. However, when it comes to Emily Simpson she had the opposite to say. Tamra said she thinks Emily’s husband is more interesting than she is.

Judge also said she didn’t want to see any more of Emily’s marital problems on Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra stated watching marriages fall apart of national television is getting old. She said it has happened on all of the housewives shows and she doesn’t want to see it any longer.

Which Housewife’s Marriage Did She Think Was Good For The Show

Tamra Judge wasn’t completely negative in the interview. She said instead of troubled marriages they could bring more relationships in like Braunwyn-Windham Burke and her husband. The reality star said “bring on people that have healthy marriages like Braunwyn and her husband, like that’s interesting to watch and see that dynamic. I’m tired of them promoting people that are coming on the show that have terrible marriages, thinking it’s going to make it better or make it worse. I don’t know.”

So Tamra Judge wants less bad marriages, Kelly Dodd can stay, and Emily Simpson is boring. Fans can’t ask for more honestly than that. Judge and Dodd are currently getting along in the episodes of RHOC that are airing now so it’s all about waiting for the other shoe to drop. Then, they may understand why the two have been fighting on social media.

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