’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ – Rebecca Parrot Hates Labels – ‘Once Had A Relationship With A Woman’

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fans begin thinking Rebecca Parrot has more secrets than Sumit, and that’s saying something. We all know the story of Sumit and his slight oversight in failing to tell Jenny he’s married. Now, Rebecca came out and dished her already heavy-with-exes story to Zied. She once got into a relationship with woman, and fans feel it’s a lot for him to cope with. After all, she now revealed she had a bi-relationship as well as three failed marriages. But she hates labels and took to Instagram to say she just “had a relationship with a woman.”

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 days keep on delivering Rebecca Parrot

The TLC show and its numerous spinoffs simply keeps on delivering. And, it looks like the end is not in sight within our lifetimes. That’s because somehow they find people like Rebecca to intrigue us all. After the episode where we saw Rebecca somehow believe that if Zieds’ rather conservative parents knew about the woman in her life, things would be better. She took to her IG to share. In her post, she wrote, “I’m getting a lot of questions about what I told Zied on tonight’s show, about my being in a relationship with a woman previously.”

Rebecca decided one answer to all her 90 Day Fiance fans would suffice. She explained, “I did this because it was important to me that Zied accept me for me, and I wanted to know what it felt like to lay everything on the table and still be loved.” Additionally, she noted, “Also, my ex was VERY homophobic and I am simply not going to allow that in my life. I have no room in my life for people who judge others for who they choose to love. ♥️♥️♥️” Obviously, fans reacted to that.


‘I hate labels’ – Rebecca Parrot – just ‘had a relationship with a woman’

Some fans wondered why she felt the need to discuss her bi-relationship. After all, it happened years ago. One fan asked, “I love you and support you but how unfair would it be for a bis*xual woman to be marrying a homophobic man? I just hope you make the right decision regardless of your emotions ❤️🙌❤️💛.” To that, Rebecca said, “There’s no need to label me. I do not consider myself anything but a person who once had a relationship with a woman. 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

Other 90 Day Fiance fans on Instagram reacted to the story as well. Many of these noted that Rebecca did not need to drag out something so far from her past. Meanwhile, others asked her to stop saying she’s still “technically married.” One pointed out, “You’re ACTUALLY still married.” Oops, that might be a label that Rebecca hates as well. In reply, Rebecca said, “No. Because we both signed divorce papers. It’s a technicality that a judge signs them. It’s okay you don’t agree.”

Twitter’s less forgiving than Instagram, funny memes, comments pop up

Over on Twitter, fans reacted to Rebecca’s confession about a woman in her past life. Of course, less forgiving and a lot more cutting than IG, some of the comments are very funny. “So like, Rebecca wants Zied parents to know she was a lesbian for 5 minutes in 1989 to feel accepted?” noted one follower, sharing a gif of Larissa Lima looking skeptical and disgusted. Meanwhile, @JessNoblit posted, “I love Zied and Rebecca thinking his parents won’t find out about her relationship with a woman. Like his sister or anybody that knows him will never see this episode.”

What did you think about Rebecca Parrot putting this new info out for Zied? Do you agree that labels really aren’t necessary these days? What are your feelings about the fact she brought up being in a relationship with a woman from so far back? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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