‘Unexpected’: Rilah Shares Her Daily Baby Routine When Anthony Vanelli’s Not Around

Unexpected Rilah Baby Malayah

Unexpected star Rilah takes parenting her baby, Malayah seriously. You hardly ever see or hear her whining about the demands of the little Malayah or baby daddy Anthony Vanelli. TV Shows Ace reported a few times already how she seems to have good maturity level for her age. In some ways, on her Rilah Richelle YouTube Channel, she’s become a bit of a role model for young women concerned about their own pregnancy. Now, she took to her account to share a video that shows her routines with the baby when Anthony’s not around to help out.

Unexpected mothers like Rilah can help with the Power to Decide campaign

TV Shows Ace reported that TLC partnered with the Power to Decide campaign during Season 3 of the show. We noted, “They hope to bring meaningful dialogue about teen moms.” Well, since she started her videos about being a young mom, Rilah is already engaging with that audience. So far, she’s posted up a video of a baby shower, finding out she’s pregnant at 16, a teen mommy vlog, and now, her daily routine with baby Malayah.

On those posts, the Unexpected star gets quite a few comments. These include:

  • “Omggg I’m having a babygirl due August 22nd I’m so scared 😭 you’ll be great tho girl! 💓”
  • “Currently watching a lot of these videos, I’m 16 and pregnant. Just don’t have the confidence to tell anybody 🤦🏽‍♀️.”
  • “im currently probably in the same situation right now. (not sure yet) but this story made me feel great. I wish you the best.”
  • “I came across you’re channel, I’m also a teen mom (sic).”

So, Rilah’s sharing reaches some people in need of encouragement, which is a good thing.

Rilah’s ‘Teen Mom Morning Routine’ video

In her latest video, Rilah explained that it doesn’t show her changing diapers and that sort of thing, because it was a bit of a last-minute video. But, she also does that. It also shows her routine when Anthony’s not around to help her. As the Unexpected star explains, it’s already about 11 in the morning. Baby Malayah “usually wakes up at about 10.” Still wearing her pajamas, Rilah notes the baby bottle’s nearly empty, and she’s already given Malayah a feed. Luckily for Rilah, she says, Malayah’s usually in a “good mood when she wakes up.” So, the next thing is play-time. And, yes, the vid cuts to her little one looking so cute and smiley.

Getting a laugh out Malayah seems easy enough. With a sort of brightly patterned cushion thing that plays music when you press it, it looks like great fun.  Next, it’s time for Rilah to make her own breakfast. While she’s doing that, she takes Malayah to a play area with a bouncer and a secure little play mat. She’s entertained by a Peppa Pig show while Rilah gets her own meal. Typically teen, Rilah loves her peanut butter, toast, and bananas. While the toast’s cooking, we see the Unexpected star check back with Malayah, who’s engrossed watching cartoons.


Baby comes first in Rilah’s life – breakfast for mom waits

But next, Malayah starts crying a bit. She’s hungry. So, our Unexpected star puts her own needs aside to attend to her baby. Actually, this video shows what real moms go through every day of their lives. This kind of video shows a cute little baby, but it also shows the amount of dedication required. Hopefully, young teens watching this will learn to speak to someone about birth control and start taking the idea of babies in a more serious light. Even Rilah said she never paid much attention to things like her monthly. Her life changed irrevocably and kudos to her and Anthony for stepping up.

What do you think about these videos that Rilah makes and shares on YouTube? Are you a young teen and pregnant? Did you have a baby and experience much the same morning routine? Sound off your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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