‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Rocks Her #LivingMyWhy Hashtag, Fans Share Inspiration

Sister Wives Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans sometimes complain that we tend to see weepy Meri Brown in the TLC show. But in real life, she rocks her #LivingMyWhy hashtag all the time and comes across as a very different personality. Those who follow her on Instagram often see Meri out and about with a gorgeous smile, living her why, and many of them get inspiration from it.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown heads for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, with the hashtag #LivingMyWhy

These days we often see Meri on the road. She simply loves nothing better than a road trip. Meri sells clothing through a multi-level marketing business, Lularoe. For Meri, selling Lularoe clothing is going well. She gets loads of opportunities to travel these days. Plus, the new Lizzie’s Heritage Inn that she obtained last season, keeps her busy as well. We saw her battle a bit to get the down payment on the property that used to belong to her ancestors. But, in the end, it all came right. Now, her mom, Bonnie, looks after the place. However, Meri’s there as often as she can get away.

In her Instagram post on Friday night, the star of Sister Wives shared a photo showing her on her way to the place yet again. She captioned it with, “This is how I roll when I head up to @lizzies_heritage_inn Always gotta have a car full of stuff!” Along with other positive hashtags, of course, Meri also used her trademark-style #LivingMyWhy tag.

Fans get inspired by Meri’s #LivingMyWhy hashtag

As always, the usual dumb questions about if she finally left Kody Brown popped up, but mostly those get ignored. Recently, Meri pretty much cleaned up the trolls who annoy her. It’s quite nice for fans of the Brown family to see a relatively hate-free Instagram account for a change. As a whole, Sister Wives fans love seeing her looking so well, healthy, and positive. Many of them are inspired by her.

One follower, @aerwynn01, commented, “I didn’t understand what the ‘Living My Why’ hashtag meant until I started living my why (as a teacher). It’s amazing when you are fulfilling your purpose and have a sense of accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your strength, determination, and journey!” Another follower replied to that saying, “Living my why by Meri taught me to smile every day and count my blessings.” One fan who also seems to be in a good place noted, “This is my life all the time lol!!! You look so happy!!! 😍 Keep Living your why! It looks good on you.”


Fans of the show hope for another season soon. We reported on the possibility of that. Our article noted, “it looks like all the rumors about filming seem quite certain. What’s not known, is when we can expect the premiere.”

But, in the meantime, we can always follow Meri Brown with her #LivingMyWhy hashtag which fills her fans with inspiration. Do you live your life with such positivity? Sound off in the comments below.

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