Todd Chrisley Hops Onto Savannah’s Instagram – Tells Off A Troll On BFF Blaine Bowen

Savannah Chrisley

Todd Chrisley’s facing a lot of allegations about federal tax and financial fraud. During the worrying time, where he and his wife Julie could end up serving a long prison sentence, Savannah and Chase stand firmly in support of their dad. In fact, the family’s pulling together with the exception of their estranged daughter, Lindsie.  Plus, they get a lot of support on social media from Chrisley Knows Best fans. But, trolls lurk there as well, and Todd’s never scared about calling them out. Now, he hopped onto Savannah’s IG to tell off a troll after she shared about her BFF Blaine Bowen.

Todd Chrisley’s got a lot on his mind but hops onto IG to stand for Savannah and her BFF

TV Shows Ace noted that Chase also sticks by his family when people troll on them. In that post, we noted, “The Chrisley family has been going through a lot recently after Todd and Julie were faced with some financial crimes. Then, a bunch of drama came up with a video that their daughter Lindsie made…while married. Needless to say, the family has had a lot going on recently. Instagram may not be top of mind for them all the time.”

Savannah shared a seemingly innocent picture of her and Blaine on her IG. She captioned it with, “I was an innocent human being….then my best friend came along 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ @blainebowen.” Obviously, Savannah joked about the influence her friend had on her life. Most fans commented about how pretty the two women looked in the photo. They also laughed because it showed Savannah wearing her “Do Not Disturb” tee. But, someone managed to find a way to troll on a photo of two beautiful women. So, Todd Chrisley hopped on to chide them.

Troll hits at Savannah’s BFF Blaine Bowen

The troll upset a few fans and, obviously her dad as well. They wrote, “Do not care for Blaine. Sorry!!!!!” Well, several fans noted that comment’s irrelevant. One follower, @lauraleigh1976 asked, “What did Blaine do to you, Becky?” At least, they had the grace to then take a step back and admit “nothing.” But, that came after Todd Chrisley tackled her.

In response to the rather horrid comment about Blaine, Todd posted, “We love Blaine, she’s a wonderful human being, you should reserve your opinion until you meet her in person.😉” One fan commented to Todd about Blaine Bowen and Savannah, noting they’re “both hilarious – they both need to be in the show more often.” And, Blaine very graciously thanked everyone who stood up for her.

What do you think about trolls who hate on people they never met and don’t know? Do you think it’s nice for Savannah that her dad steps up to watch her back? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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