Tyler C Warns Mom Not To Believe Everything She Reads Online

Tyler C Bachelorette Instagram

Tyler C has come a long way since being a general contractor in Jupiter, Florida. When The Bachelorette finishing airing, Tyler had already amassed more than 2 million Instagram followers. This number makes him the most followed male cast member in Bachelor Nation. Go Tyler! He was a strong contender to be the next Bachelor until he started being seen with Gigi Hadid.

Tyler C is No Longer Just Your Average Guy

Tyler is incredibly grateful for his Bachelorette fans. When he began his running group in Central Park, females came running out in droves. People started requesting photos. That’s when he realized he was widely recognized.

The Bachelor world, those fans are awesome. I love my fans and you guys have been great. Very appreciative towards them. You guys are the best. It’s been wild,” he said.


While there is so much praise and goodwill for Tyler, even the heartthrob gets criticized sometimes. Unfortunately, his mom sometimes gets caught up in the negative comments.

“My mom is loven’ it. She’s a wild one, she’s fun. She gets all caught up in all the comments and stuff like that. I’m like ‘mom, don’t give the negative stuff energy.’ So ya’ll be good to my mom, alright?” he said.

For the most part, The Camerons are very excited about Tyler’s newfound fame.They’re having a lot of fun with it.

Shake It Off & Always Be True To Yourself

Tyler C is confident enough to shake off the bad comments. He’s very proud that he stayed true to himself during The Bachelorette.

“I was never gonna do things that weren’t who I was. There’s not one thing that I would take back from the show. I think everything was 100% me. That’s how I truly feel about it. I think it’s just staying true to your character and who you are. I would not take back anything I did…My friends would call me while the show would be airing and be ‘dude I’m just proud of you for being who you are.’ I wasn’t gonna kiss someone’s a*s to try and get more opportunity or whatever. I didn’t believe in that. You’re gonna like me for who I am and if you do, great, and if you don’t, it’s not gonna work.”

Home Towns Really Are The Best

One aspect from The Bachelorette he will always cherish is the footage from his hometown date.

“That’s a moment I’ll always cherish and super grateful for. I had a professor for this film class I was in and he talked about, everyone should sit down with their family, their parents, and do a thirty minute or hour recording and just ask them questions. Ask them about their life. Just something you can always have and look at. Now that I have those times documented with my dad I’ll forever have that. That’s probably the thing I’m most thankful for from the show,” he said.

Tyler probably especially feels this way since his Pop has been battling health issues.

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