‘RHOD’: Season 4 Newcomer Kary Brittingham Garners Instant Fans After Premiere

RHOD Kary Brittingham

RHOD Season 4 premiered on Wednesday night. TV Shows Ace reported that it kicked “off with a bang,” as the old cheating allegations feud between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons resurfaced. But, fans really showed a lot more interest in the newcomer, Kary Brittingham. Replacing Cary Deuber as a main cast member, fans keen to find out more, immediately took to the fiery addition. In fact, it seems she garnered adoring fans immediately after the premiere.

RHOD – Introducing newcomer Kary Brittingham

Ahead of the premiere of the Bravo show, ET Online reminded fans about the backstory of Kary Brittingham. They reported,” The 49-year-old is the first Mexican woman to join the cast of RHOD and describes herself as a “feisty female” who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.” Plus, Reality Tea reminds us she’s friendly with all the women except for LeeAnne Locken. Well, on that, it seems she’s got something in common with the rest of the cast.

Ready for combat, LeeAnne Locken had a few things to say about Kary ahead of the show.

She said to ET, “The thing is, she connects with everyone in the group except me,” She added, “When you purposely don’t connect with one person, but you try so hard to connect with everyone else, to me, it’s just, like, come on! I mean, come on.” But, while new girls to these Real Houswives shows usually get some cold shoulder, fans already like that Kary’s not scared to give it right back.

Kary Brittingham’s spicy, feisty, and garners fans already

US Weekly reported on how Kary didn’t hesitate to give some spice to the RHOD show. On their YouTube coverage, they noted, “She may be new to reality TV, but she’s certainly not new to throwing shade! Real Housewives of Dallas newbie Kary Brittingham slammed her costar LeeAnne Locken’s April wedding to Rich Emberlin.” In fact, she was all like ‘I just can’t’ with the lack of food at the reception. But fans enjoyed that she’s already bringing some fun and dram to the show.

Over on her Instagram, many fans welcomed the newcomer. Already, they comment on how funny she is. Here’s what some of them said to her:

  • @ramirosalinas: “You slayed! You’re gonna kill it this season!”
  • @aliborboa: “Loved you on there, you are a wonderful addition! So excited to see more❤️❤️.”
  • @ketointexas: “Loved watching you on the show tonight! Def a new fav along with @stephhollman 🤗”
  • @chaceadilla: “@karybritt you’re my new favorite housewife ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”
  • @james_bigley: “What a breath of fresh air! So glad you joined the cast. You are so funny!!!!”


Even Twitter, usually quite critical saw fans enthusing about Kary

Over on Twitter, RHOD fans also had their say and there she garnered loads of great comments as well. @hotheadla commented, “ok so @karybrittingham won me over tonight on #rhod she can keep her ⭐️😏.” Meanwhile, another fan, @_King_SERGIO_, also picked up on her sense of humor, writing, “I love @karybrittingham…she is an amazing addition already to the show. She made me laugh within 30 sec on her introduction to the show.” Plus,@TrishaandCo gave her kudos as well, noting, “Great first episode…Missed these ladies! @karybrittinghamis hilarious! Can’t wait for the rest of the season!”


What did you think of the newcomer, Kary Brittingham who garnered instant fans after the premiere? Did you like her as well, or is it too soon to make a decision for you? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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