’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey, Tim, & Avery Support Bullied Fan

90 Day Fiance Tim Darcey Avery

90 Day Fiance stars Tim, Avery, and Darcey are working together to support a bullied fan.

The trio from Before The 90 Days took the time to care for a young person. Fans took notice as it unusual to see these stars care much about anyone other than themselves. Mind you, all three of these stars on the TLC franchise received quite a bit of bullying, themselves.

90 Day Fiance fans react to Tim, Darcey and Avery’s support

Over on the @90dayfiancenews account on Instagram, the news got reacted to very positively. On their IGTV video, the account shows Tim sitting with a young girl. Obviously very shy, she’s been bullied and seems a bit overwhelmed.

But, then he brings on Darcey. He explains to her that Darcey is the biggest 90 Day Fiance star. Darcey spoke to her by video chat. She told her they would always be there to support her. She encouraged her to always be herself. To stand strong because she’s better than bullies.

Next, Tim thanked her parents and the young girl for allowing him to talk to her and visit her. Then, he gracefully accepted a Tee as a gift, telling her that he loved it.

It seems this 12-year-old girl found a star she can look up to. Loni, 12, then posed for some pictures with Tim of 90 Day Fiance. Tim explained to the camera that he does not like to see bullying at all. So, he’s motivated to step up against it.

Bullied young teen had a rough summer

Loni’s mom explained how she suffered stress and emotional issues from the bullying. Tim explained that whenever people suffer anxiety and mental health issues, it’s not a good thing. But, he praised Loni and her mom for talking about it.

It’s so important that suicidal thoughts should be raised with parents or teachers. As he pointed out, it’s important to let others know when you’re struggling. Tim noted he suffered from it as well. Plus, it was great to see young Avery stepping up in support as well.

Here’s what some 90 Day Fiance fans said about it:

  • @blondi1196: “As much as I can not stand Darcey that was awesome of her to do. The whole thing is just awesome.”
  • @deplorablecrumb: “I think this is awesome these people are using their platform to speak out against bullying! Kudos.”
  • @orlando_rob: “Well there another side to our 90 days stars. Nice at least they are using [their] 15minutes for good. Bullying is horrible and can change a person life in many negative ways.”
  • @jenspartyof7: “Love this. What a sweet gesture for a sweet girl.”
  • @bellas_soul_69: “Tim and Avery seem to be so sweet What a nice gesture!”


What do you think about these 90 Day Fiance stars, Tim, Darcey, and Avery stepping up in support of a young bullied fan? Do you think it’s great they used their few minutes of fame stand for others? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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