Duggar: Jessa Shares An Adorable Father-Son Moment

Jessa Duggar Seewald Instagram

On social media, Jessa Duggar Seewald often shares sweet moments with her children.  Jessa married Ben Seewald on November 1, 2014. Since then, their family has grown. They are now the proud parents of Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy.


On Twitter, Jessa shares some of Spurgeon’s funny quotes. On Instagram, she posts lots of cute photos of the kids. She sometimes shares videos of them playing, singing, and talking.

Duggar fans love seeing these updates from Jessa and her little family. In the comments of her posts, Jessa gets lots of love and support. Fans love how she and Ben have chosen to raise their kids. They always look forward to seeing more posts about the children.

Jessa Duggar Seewald shares cute father-son moment

On Saturday, Jessa shared a new post on her Instagram page. The Duggar daughter posted a few pictures of her boys drawing on a large piece of brown paper. She also shared a video of Ben helping them out. In her caption, she writes,

“In the words of Rocky from Paw Patrol, ‘Don’t lose it, reuse it!’ We used the brown paper that came wadded up in our Amazon box to draw their outlines, and then Daddy sketched in cloaks, swords and shields. Henry got an eagle on his armor, and Spurgeon got a dragon. The boys were so excited, and wanted to hang the pictures in their room. Sometimes the simple (and free) things in life can be the most fun.”

From the pictures and video, it seems like the young boys love to draw and create. Their dad is a great help and looks like a great artist. We’re sure that there will be many more projects like this to come.


In the comments, a Duggar fan suggests, “And the box can be a race car or rocket or fire truck my boys draw on theirs and then paint them with tempura paint”. Another adds, “we do this too! we also trace the kids with their arms stretched out and have them color themselves in. then we mail it to a relative in another state so we can say we sent a hug!”

In the comments of the post, Duggar fans had plenty of nice things to say about the sweet father-son activity. One fan wrote, “I love how you encourage them to be creative and repurpose things. You and Ben are awesome parents”. Then, a family friend, Laura DeMasie added, “Guess you’ll have to order more from Amazon…. ‘It’s for the children!'”

What do you think of this sweet moment? Do you love hearing from Jessa and her family? Leave a comment below!

For more news about the Duggar family and Counting On, stay tuned.

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