‘Couples Couch’ Crew Can’t Say Much Good About ‘Married at First Sight’s’ Matt Gwynne

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.Couples Couch was at it again on August 29. The Thursday critique show featuring past Married at First Sight favorites talking through the recent Season 9 episode was quite a bit more spirited than the yawner of the first installment last week.  The Couples Couch seemed to take aim at a particular target in this week’s episode, and that happened to be the vanishing groom, Matt Gwynne.

Up until now, it was mostly the clamor from fans that hit hardest on the international basketball player turned Married at First Sight and supposed-to-be committed husband through the experiment.  Pastor Cal Roberson took straight aim at Matt, saying he’d better cut out the BS, get serious, and put in the work that his wife, Amber Bowles, and his marriage, deserved.

Dr. Viviana Coles was concerned about the couple’s mutual decision to stop physical intimacy in order to seek a deeper emotional connection. The consensus on the Couples Couch was that Matt Gwynne wasn’t working at much of anything, other than making a good impression for the cameras.

During their viewing of “Bear With Me,” the Married at First Sight episode this week, couples Ashley and Anthony, Danielle and Bobby, Jamie and Doug, and Kristine and Keith finally let loose with some honesty and started talking back to the screen.

Better late than lying

The comments were all sweet and caring over Greg and Deonna, with the unanimous approval of their slow and steady approach to love. Danielle had completely the same reaction over the palm-sized, long-legged spider, too, getting up from her cozy seat. The veteran couples loved the ax-throwing challenge.  Every couple noticed that Matt said he was out for “R&R” and some “fun games” on the retreat, not sounding too serious about marriage. The Couples Couch also noticed that Matt and Amber were last to arrive.

Matt was sorry to have missed seeing the bear. He immediately got Elizabeth Bice’s dander up by saying a shot from his rifle would have solved the problem. Bobby Dodd couldn’t take objection on that stance.  Amber tried to take up for her husband, saying “hunter boy” was coming out. Matt brought up having Amber’s name tattooed on his arm. That got a rise from Anthony D’Amico. He retorted that keeping one’s wife first in your life and heart mattered more than any inked etching. Anthony teased that he would get Ashley’s name tattooed on his bottom.  Naturally, his wife only giggled.

On serious and playful levels, the Couples Couch had plenty more to offer.

Like, love, or hate

One of the toughest emotional scenes came between Amber and her good friend, Raven, before leaving for the retreat.  She related once more how she wanted her marriage with Matt “to work more than anything”. She credited that Matt was “trying” in the Married at First Sight experiment. Then, she said that he was also out with his friends “almost every night.”

From the first night when Amber was left alone and sobbing, fans have insisted that Matt Gwynne had a girl, or more, “on the side.” The accusations are only growing louder now, and Amber confessed to Iris that much of what he says is “doing this much work” because he has such deep feelings for Amber is really about making himself look good.

The attempt at image correction was in full-force the next morning, and it wasn’t working for the Couples Couch.  Kristine, Anthony, Bobby, and Danielle all made reference to “BS”. This is when Matt began to detail the strong bond that he and Amber had built. They also pointed out how he would only “work so hard” because he cared so much. Too bad Pastor Cal couldn’t sit in on this one. There was almost no reaction from Amber. She sipped on a drink.

Danielle gushed: “I love Amber,” when the bride said “I love alcohol,” during a breakfast discussion. It’s hardly surprising since the loyal Married at First Sight wife is spending so much time alone when she hoped to be in love. She confessed that she was unsure if she liked, loved, or hated Matt to the other wives. She was relating to how she had so many strong feelings swirling.

On a much lighter note, Keith Dewar praised that Jamie Thompson was “my spirit animal”. This was after seeing the groom looking around like that hungry bear in the salt cave with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was glowing that the retreat marked a real turn in her Married at First Sight situation. Week by week, the Couples Couch is becoming a little more fun, too.

Couples Couch airs Thursdays on Lifetime after the Wednesday airing of Married at First Sight.

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