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‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar Ensures Employment For His Sons Through Successful Business Choices

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Counting On fans know that Jim Bob Duggar wasn’t always wealthy, and he started out life in real estate. Nevertheless, it worked for him and to this day, he still buys and flips homes. That successful venture opened the doors for his sons to gain employment. After all, it’s not a bad choice if dad made successful business choices, to follow his lead.

Counting On boys mostly follow Jim Bob Duggar’s lead

Raising so many kids must place some strain on family resources. Admittedly, they live a fairly frugal life in terms of their faith, but getting all those kids an education and finding employment must have been on Jim Bob’s mind. Their lifestyle doesn’t really cater for the girls’ so much. The Hollywood Gossip reminds us that’s because “they’re devout followers of the Institute in Basic Life Principles ministry.” In their book, girls are on the planet to provide a nurturing environment for the kids and to look after bread-winner hubby.

Well, as the Counting On boys are required to supply the needs for their own families, following dad’s lead into an established business seems a sure-fire way to ensure the next generation is also provided for. Many of them feature in the TLC TV show. And, note that Jim Bob also has income from his car lots. He owns some airplanes, and one son makes himself useful there as well. Son John-David works as a constable, but he also flies planes, which is useful to the family.

Three boys get into real estate like their dad, Jim Bob

Three sons work in real estate. These are Joseph, Josiah, and Jason Duggar. Actually, these kids were around property and real estate since childhood. Often they helped out with maintenance, so taking some tips from dad, the transition to the working world’s not a bad step for them. Then, Josh, who tried politics and ended up disgraced for a number of reasons returned to the family fold as well. He now works for one the Counting On patriarch’s car lots.

Even Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband Austin Forsyth’s into the business of buying, renovating and flipping off homes. Sometimes, Joy-Anna’s right there with him, helping out. Joy’s sister Jana, who also shows an interest in renovations. Apart from Jill and Jinger, in one way or another, the kids remain close to dad’s business empire. So, it’s likely that the younger boys who remain at home will also consider working in real estate.

What do you think of Jim Bob Duggar ensuring employment for his sons through his own successful business choices? Would you like an almost guaranteed position in the family business? Or would you prefer, like son-in-law Derrick Dillard, to go your own way? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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