Jeremy And Jinger Vuolo Hope For A TLC Spinoff – Already Do Their Own Little Reality Series

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo already star in Counting On as fan-favorites. However, their lives turned around recently as they moved from Laredo, Texas to Los Angeles. We know from Jeremy that their road trip got filmed by the TLC production crew. So, fans wait for the next season to see it all unfold. Now in LA, it seems the couple grows further ambition. Apart from sharing Instagram videos and pictures, they started their own little reality series named, J&J Q&A. However, they also hope for their own TLC spinoff.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s little reality show J&J Q&A

TV Shows Ace reported that Jinger and Jeremy started their reality series in the first week of August. It takes place in “their sun studio…Jinger and Jeremy chat about a range of things they noted on sheets of paper. This should go down well, as the Counting On couple talk, among other things, about their new life in Los Angeles.” Mainly, the show centers around their day-to-day lives and it’s become popular. Interactive, fans like it as Jeremy invited them to “submit any questions you may want us to answer in the comments below or send us a DM!”

So far, the little episodes bring in between 60 to 100k likes, so a TLC spinoff might go down very well. The concept of a spinoff from TLC’s obviously been on the minds of both fans and Jeremy Vuolo. Actually, quite often on their social media, we see fans raise the possibility with Jinger and Jeremy. In a recent post on IG, the subject got raised again. Only, this time Jeremy responded.

Instagram post about food raises the idea of a TLC spinoff

While many fans enjoy Jeremy and Jinger’s photos of the family out and about in Los Angeles, some grow bored with all the food pics. For some reason, almost every meal features on IG. While some of them are sponsored, others are not. Maybe they plan a gourmet restaurant critique or something. The IG post that sparked a response about a TLC spinoff for Jeremy, Jinger, and presumably Felicity Vuolo, came after fans commented.

The photo showed Jinger about to tuck into a delicious-looking donut adorned with a variety of berries. Jeremy captioned it with, “The only thing sweeter than this donut…is the lovely lady enjoying it 😉.” In the comments, @livingthedream111 said, “my professional opinion of your food photos…are excellent👍 As well as your taste in food ❤️ I have a show idea @TLC “J & J Explore L.A.”👍❤️😁.” Meanwhile, @heidi_rosario_choi noted, “Forget a food show- just tasting all flavors of Salt & Straw ice cream with a detailed explanation…is what I’d like to watch you two have a show on!!🤣🤣🍨🍦😋😂.”

Jeremy confirms their desire for their own TLC show

In the answer to various comments, Jeremy responded. He said, “I agree. Let’s sit down w/ @tlc.” After that, many fans agreed they would definitely watch a show like that. More especially, they showed enthusiasm for a show that brings life to all their LA experiences.

What do you think about the idea for a TLC spinoff for Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo? Does it surprise you that they already think about it? After all, they already produce their own little reality series with the J&J Q&A on IG. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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