A Very Brady ‘Fast N’ Loud: Gas Monkey Crew Gives Brady Wagon Attitude

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Yesterday, Richard Rawlings shared a special Fast N’ Loud preview. More like a very Brady preview.  What happens when Fast N’ Loud meets  A Very Brady Renovation? The final result is the Brady Bunch wagon with Gas Monkey attitude. Richard Rawlings and the whole monkey crew are getting together with Barry Williams, Greg Brady himself, for a very Brady-Gas Monkey mashup.


Fast N’ Loud Meets The Brady Bunch 

On Wednesday, Richard Rawlings posted a highly anticipated preview to Fast N’ Loud: Brady Car. He shared that the Gas Monkey Garage is going to transform the Brady wagon and turn it into a groovy ride with “attitude.” Are the Monkeys up for the challenge?

“Greg Brady wants the Brady wagon reconstructed with Gas Monkey Garage attitude and we’re gonna give it to him! A Very Brady edition of Fast N’ Loud is coming on September 2nd to Discovery and Discovery GO.”

The Gas Monkey crew has done some spectacular builds in the past, but transforming a dated 1969 Plymouth Stallion into a machine with attitude could be tricky. At least it is green, Richard’s favorite color! It will be pretty fun to see how the Monkeys solve this problem, as well as revisit the cast from the beloved show. This family fun episode  promises to tick all the nostalgia buttons.

Fast N’ Loud Season 15 Has The Biggest Builds Ever

This high profile, Very Brady vehicle transformation coincides with the HGTV special,  A Very Brady Renovation. Throughout this spectacular season, the Gas Monkey crew is working on a $300,000 renovation on the Battleship Buick. Richard plans on taking the remodeled Buick Riviera supercar to SEMA. Of course, they kicked off this spectacular new season with the Bullit car and Chad McQueen, Steve’s son.

We cannot forget that Richard just got engaged to Katerina Deason and hired his stepson Sinjin to work at Gas Monkey. What could be next?

Fast N’ Loud fans, what do you think of the Gas Monkeys giving the old Brady station wagon some Gas Monkey “attitude”? Brady Bunch fans, what do you think of this mashup with the Monkeys? Share your favorite Brady Bunch memories in the comments and make sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all the latest with Fast N’ Loud.  Fast N’ Loud:Brady Car will air on Discovery on September 2nd. Fast N’ Loud airs Monday nights on Discovery.

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