‘Deadliest Catch’ Josh Harris Shares Jake Harris Photo, After Brother’s Jail Sentencing

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On Saturday, Cornelia Marie captain and Deadliest Catch star Josh Harris posted a photo of him, alongside his troubled brother, Jake Harris. This has been his only comment on Jake’s recent 18-month jail sentence. What did Captain Josh post?


Deadliest Catch Star Josh Harris Comments On Jail Sentence Of Brother Jake Harris

Cornelia Marie captain, Josh Harris has finally commented on his brother’s jail sentence. Josh went to Instagram and posted a photo of himself, along with his younger, troubled brother Jake Harris. His only comment was two hash tagged words: “#oldybutgoody #redcarpet.”

What more can Josh say? Surely Josh is thinking of the good old days, before Jake found himself being arrested on numerous occasions for drugs. Like many others who have addicted relations, Josh Harris is helpless. Only Jake can help himself.

Jake’s most recent arrest, that included a DUI and possession of heroin resulted in some consequences. According to TMZ, Jake now has to spend 18 months in jail, before he is allowed out. After that, he has to be totally drug and alcohol free. He will even have a special contraption attached to his vehicle so that he cannot drive under the influence.

Hopefully, this will end Jake’s roller coaster ride of addiction and trouble, which certainly has to be firmly implanted in the back of Josh’s mind at all times.

The Legacy Of Captain Phil’s Sons

Josh Harris is the older of the two brothers, but Captain Phil told the Deadliest Catch cameras that it was Jake Harris that was the natural fisherman. Phil Harris told his oldest son that he needed to find something else to do in his life. Captain Phil must be looking down, proud of Josh. Josh Harris has really shown his maturity and along with Captain Casey McManus, now owns the Cornelia Marie.

With Captain Casey mentoring Captain Josh, the Deadliest Catch dynamic duo have found a lot of success on the Bering Sea. Better yet, Josh and Casey, along with two other investors bought out the boat. Josh has made the Cornelia Marie his destiny.

On the other hand, since Captain Phil’s 2010 death from an intracranial hemorrhage, Jake Harris has struggled. Deadliest Catch fans will never forget that right before Captain Phil had his stroke, he discovered Jake’s drug addiction. The cameras rolled as Phil Harris urged Jake to get help, and he would be alongside him. But then the unthinkable happened and Captain Phil was gone. Captain Phil was a larger than life captain and beloved father.

Since then, Jake has continued to struggle. He has has been arrested and he has been beat up and left for dead. It seems like his latest brush with the law, where he tried to escape police in a RV demonstrated he really hit rock bottom. Now, Jake is in jail for 18 months and will need to be sober six months afterwards. Clearly, Deadliest Catch fans hope that this will finally help Jake Harris find peace and continue his life drug-free.

As for Josh Harris, he obviously has no words on this situation. It has to be incredibly heartbreaking for him. He appears focused on fishing and his little girl.


Deadliest Catch fans, did you see Josh’s photo of him and Jake? Do you have any thoughts or well wishes for the Harris brothers? Make sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for all the latest Deadliest Catch news. The Deadliest Catch airs on Discovery Tuesday nights

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