‘Celebs Go Dating’ Accused Of Manipulative Episode Editing

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E4’s Celebs Go Dating is facing some backlash.

Speaking to The Mirror, a civilian dater accused the celebrity dating series of manipulating a recent episode. Adele Woodward claimed Celebs Go Dating of purposely editing footage to make her look “fat and miserable.”

After going on a date with Lee Ryan, Adele told the publication she believed they “edited very badly on purpose.” She also slammed the producers for using a dated photograph of her.

During the episode of Celebs Go Dating, Ryan wasn’t happy. He revealed to the camera that Adele was not what he was expecting. He also claimed she looked nothing like the picture of her he was shown beforehand.

Portrayed As A Catfish

Adele Woodward also believed the series of setting her up to look as if she had attempted to catfish Ryan. Celebs Go Dating social media chatter agreed.

“The date, the way it is edited, makes it look like I’m miserable and not speaking. It’s not the case. There were four hours of footage there. They chose to pick those bits where I’m not speaking and looking unimpressed.”

Woodward also revealed that she was not a die-hard fan of Lee’s band, Blue. According to the civilian dater, the Celebs Go Dating producers prompted her to discuss the band several times during the date.

The Outdated Photo

Woodward criticized the producers for purposely using a photo from four years ago.

“That’s what they’ve shown him, knowing full well that’s not what I look like.” She exclaimed.


Celebs Go Dating Faces Former Accusations

Fans have accused producers of manipulating footage before.

Last week’s episode featuring former Love Island contestant Megan Barton Hanson also came under fire.

Clearly on the show looking for romance, fans were having a hard time seeing past glaring changes in her appearance to pay attention to the date.

Fans noticed the footage of the episode featured Barton Hanson’s rocking her hair slicked back into a tight bun. It was also darker then normal.

Later in the episode, Megan locks had more volume. Her bun was fuller. And, her hair wasn’t as dark. A hoop earring also disappeared.

Some fans jokingly took to Twitter wanting to know what was in Megan’s cup that caused such a drastic change to her hair.

Furthermore, a few even questioned if a stunt double was in play.

Do you think Celebs Go Dating producers are manipulating the episodes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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