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‘The Family Chantel’: TicTok Vid by Chantel Suggests Pedro Split

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The Family Chantel‘s so wired for conflict that sometimes fans struggle to keep up with the dysfunctional families. In fact, the question of whether Chantel and Pedro remain together’s extremely hard to figure out. While some fans of the TLC spinoff grow increasingly annoyed with the same old arguments every episode, others love the show. So many of them hope that somehow they worked out their issues and remain together. Recently, a TicTok vid indicated Chantel’s dissing him badly. It seems a split between the couple may have happened.

The Family Chantel conflict over Pedro using Chantel to bring family to the USA

In 90 Day Fiance, we saw that Chantel and Pedro faced a lot of issues. Remember when Pedro went for River and they broke up the fight? Things escalated from there and we saw the family storm over to confront Pedro in his home. TV Shows Ace reported that in the premiere episode of the new spinoff fireworks started up immediately.

We noted, “Apart from suggesting Pedro and his family acted as “borderline body traffickers,” [Chantel’s mom] took things much further. In fact, she confronted Pedro in his own home with a taser over the inappropriate dance in the DR. Fans freaked about that because it seems unacceptable behavior.” Since then, the feuding continued on The Family Chantel, with suggestions all Pedro wants is to relocate his family to the USA.

Escalating conflict – Pedro almost buried in it

On the side, Chantels’ going for her sister. It seems she’s trying to take the focus off her and  Pedro by shifting the conflict to her sister’s relationship. That involved issues with her boyfriend and a private investigator. So, the storyline again becomes engulfed in yet more conflict. More and more, Chantel takes to TicTok videos these days and now racks up the drama through those.

But, followers of The Family Chantel think Chantel needs to stay relevant in order to keep the show going on the TV. As if there’s not enough conflict on the show, some of her videos also hint at more conflict. In all of this, Pedro almosts get lost unless he and Chantel have their never-ending arguments. Now, a sly dig by Chantel in a TicTok video either means they split, or another massive argument’s about to happen yet again.

The Family Chantel Chantel TicTok
Image credit Chantel_j | TicTok

TikTok Video by Chantel’s a hint of a split

The TicTok video that Chantel shared was a version of Saweetie’s My Type. As The Hollywood Gossip noted, she edited three words so it came out as “Tall,” “Dark,” and “Mama’s Boy.” With Chantel singing along, she’s basically saying that Pedro’s tall, dark, and handsome, but he’s just a big mommy’s boy. But, does it mean they actually split? As others noted, she’s still wearing a ring. But, let’s face it, if they split, the show ends. So, it’s possible Chantel would wear her ring even if Pedro’s hidden in the dust of his departure.

What do you think about this very public dissing of her husband? Do you think they may have split? Or, is it just Chantel playing followers of the show to stay relevant? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about The Family Chantel.

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