A Skeleton in the Demi Burnett’s Closet Reveals How Long Demi Has Really Been Sexually Fluid

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Blake’s love octagon is probably going to be overshadowed by the unexpected truth behind Demi Burnett’s coming out story. (Similarly to how Jed replaced Luke P as the worst on Hannah’s Season of The Bachelorette.)

Demi Burnett’s truth revealed

Bachelor in Paradise has been hyping up how 24-year-old Demi and her real-life girlfriend Kristian Haggerty (who she’s been with prior to the show since February) will be a huge first for the franchise as the first same-sex couple. The franchise is really playing it up in the promotional footage and press. In media interviews, Chris Harrison has spoken out.

“I’m proud of everything we did. I stand behind everything we did 100%, and I stand behind Demi 100% and the young lady that she has in her life. I’m proud of her, I love her, and I will always have her back. 110%.”

However, Soap Dirt landed an exclusive interview with Demi’s reported ex-girlfriend Tiyana Sky who claims she was Demi’s first girlfriend four years ago when Demi was 20-years-old. Which means Demi was aware of her bisexuality prior to appearing as a controversial contestant on Colton’s season. Demi’s mom being in jail wasn’t her biggest secret that she could have spilled to (then virgin) Colton. (She confessed to Colton that her mom was being released from federal prison after serving a sentence for embezzlement.) Now it’s someone from her intimate past who is stirring up trouble for her and the Bachelor franchise.


What did her ex say to Soap Dirt?

Demi Burnet’s ex explained that she was shocked when Demi joined The Bachelor. Just a few months before that she told her she was still in love with her. She even said that Demi tried to get her back while the show was airing. They never got back together.

When they started dating Tiyana was 16 and Demi Burnett was 20. They even talked about marriage, kids and being together forever. They broke up due to Demi cheating with an old friend.



However, Tiyana Sky specifically said Demi Burnett always told her she didn’t need to come out. Tiyana revealed to SD that Demi asked her to take photos of them off her social accounts before The Bachelor. July 19, 2018, was the casting call for the ABC show in Texas. Only two days later, Demi Burnett deactivated her Tumblr.


Responses to this exclusive information on Bachelor Obsession include:

  • She has known all along she is bi; she is not trying to figure anything out about her sexuality; she’s a LIAR. And the show knew this all along…To me she appears to be a liar in regards to her relationship with Kristian Haggerty.
  • She talked to producers before BIP started filming and knew that they were bringing Kristian on during the second week or so. So her getting close to Derek was all a façade and a ploy to get his rose so she could stay long enough to be there when her gf shows up. Yeah I think that makes her a big fat liar.
  • It is really sickening that this stuff raises ratings. Not to mention She is supposed to be there to find love, not already have it.
  • She’s on the show for personal professional growth: she knows this gets her “exposure” and Lots of #ads to come. She’ll be banking after this and mission accomplished ….
  • Definite production stunt!  Ratings!  Chris H invited her during Women Tell All didn’t he?  He needs to keep saying ‘Most Dramatic Season Ever’ so she’s on BIP. They will get the viewers any way they can!
  • I hope this blows up in their face. Stupidest forced bunch of BS I’ve ever seen.
  • All for ratings….this show is so ridiculous

Bachelor in Paradise has become quite controversial. Blake admitted to breaking his contract by flying to visit Hannah G a week before they headed separately to Mexico. Do you like how the franchise is trying so hard to be the first of its kind in reality television? Has reality become blurred and more stunted and produced? Has the show lost its main focus of couples finding love? Weigh in with your thoughts…

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