Julie and Todd Chrisley Granted A Bond, More Info From Court Revealed

Julie and Todd Chrisley Instagram

Julie and Todd Chrisley had court today on charges of tax evasion and more. The Blast shared that the couple was able to get granted a bond. They are very lucky that this was the way it worked out.

Julie and Todd Chrisley’s bond information

After turning themselves into the FBI today, the Chrisleys had court. They can bond out of custody. It will cost them $100,000 each. To a lot of people that would be difficult. The thing is Julie and Todd Chrisley can afford it. They shouldn’t have any issues paying this type of bond. That will put them home with their children until this is all figured out.

If they end up with jail time, they may work with them because of the kids. Teresa and Joe Giudice were able to serve their time at separate times. That meant someone was always home with the girls.

Other details from court

The Blast was able to get a couple of other details from court. It turns out that Todd and Julie Chrisley were not handcuffed while they were in court. They also had to turn in their passports. This will keep the couple from skipping the country. Seeing that Todd actually was very upfront with fans about these charges, it would be shocking if they tried that.

Todd spoke out about charges

Before the charges came out against Todd Chrisley, he shared about what was going on. Todd went to his Instagram and made a post. In this post, he shared that an ex-employee took information to the U.S. Attorney General’s office. This happened years ago and was shut down. Now the case has been reopened. Todd knew that the charges were coming. Because of this, the fans are really on their side. Here is what he shared on Instagram.


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