‘Love Island’ USA Update: How Are Caro Viee and Ray Gantt?

Ray and Caro Love Island USA Instagram

Love Island USA just came to an end. Fans are now wondering how the couples are doing. Caro Viee took a bit of time to find her man in the vila. Once she found Ray Gantt, they were matched up. Find out how they are doing now.

Update on Caro Viee and Ray Gantt from Love Island USA

Caro Viee has been doing a great job of updating Love Island USA fans. Today she went to her Instagram and shared a post about how things are now. These two are still together and going strong.


As you can see in the post above, Ray and Caro aren’t around each other at the moment. In another post, she shared that they would be spending 11 days apart. It looks like they have already found a way to see each other again soon.

More details come out

Bustle shared a few more details about how this couple is doing now. After the finale, Caro shared a lot of videos of her and Ray in their hotel room. Ine one story she said, “It has been a crazy journey but so glad it led me to this one. Ray, you’re the f*cking besttt and we about to beeee litttt.”

It took a bit for Ray to show up, but once he did Caro found her match. For a bit, it looked like she would go home without a man. Lucky for her, these two have been able to work it out.

Yesterday, Ray posted the following Instagram post. It shows he wants to be with her after Love Island USA.


Are you happy to hear that Caro Viee and Ray Gantt are doing great? Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t miss new episodes of Love Island USA when it returns for Season 2. It has already been renewed.

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