‘Bachelor in Paradise’ News: Stagecoach Needs Its Own Reality Show

Blake Horstmann Instagram Bachelor in Paradise

On the current season of Bachelor in Paradise, there was sort-of an important prologue. There should have been BIP camera crews following Blake and all the females who attended Stagecoach’s country music festival in Indio, CA. Fans weren’t privy to the action at Stagecoach but it was the focus of all of Caelynn’s conversations as soon as she entered the beach in Mexico.

Stagecoach was Bachelor in Paradise hook-up spot

Stagecoach offers a fantastic opportunity to run into other contestants from Bachelor Nation. Boohoo brought Demi Burnett, Tayshia Adams, Kirpa Sudick, Heather Martin, and Catherine Agro from Colton’s season to the event in a helicopter.

Amanda reunited and spent some time with her ex Josh Murray. E Online did a piece, “How Bachelor Nation Turns Into An Unofficial Reunion.”

Also in attendance was Amanda’s other Bachelor in Paradise ex, Robby Hayes; Lauren Bushnell and Becca Tilley from Ben Higgins’ season; Nick Viall contestants Danielle Lombard and Corinne Olympios, along with a couple more of Colton’s contestants like Alex Blumberg and Caitlin Clemmens. Colton himself also showed up at the festival with his season’s winner, Cassie Randolph.

Stagecoach took place in April before invitations to BIP were extended. So at the time, Blake had no qualms about sleeping with Caelynn only the night after he bedded Kristina. Then a week before he leaves for BIP, he learns that both these ladies, as well as Tayisha and many others, will all be hanging out together in Paradise.

Stagecoach gets free publicity

The amount of publicity Stagecoach received during the premiere of BIP was ridiculous. You can’t even buy that type of advertising, from major influencers.  In a less than 3 minute clip, Stagecoach is mentioned three times. Caelynn even jokingly posted “BIP sponsored by Stagecoach.” Needless to say, Stagecoach would roll out the red-carpet for BIP castmates to party there again and it makes its way back into Season 7 BIP drama.

“As it turns out, what happens at Stagecoach doesn’t always stay at Stagecoach!” Stacy Vee, talent buyer for the festival, jokes in a statement to Billboard. “We are sorry to hear about the heap of trouble Blake has gotten himself into. Hopefully he can work it out and come see us again this year–we loved seeing the gang at the show.”

Tanner made fun at the drama on Instagram, “Thankful that I decided to cancel my trip to Stagecoach before BIP2…,” The post was a hit amongst his fellow franchise stars.

A word of advice for Blake and guys who might act similarly, decline next year’s invitation to Stagecoach. Mike from Hannah’s season enters BIP tomorrow. Since he’s up for the Bachelor gig, it should be safe to say he won’t turn into a horn dog or playboy on this show. He couldn’t have been at Stagecoach because Hannah B.’s season was still filming.

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