‘Love Island’ USA Update: How Are Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart?

Dylan and Alex Love Island USA Instagram

Love Island USA fans are excited about couples from this first season. Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart were an adorable couple that fans loved. If you are looking for an update for this couple, here is how they are doing now. Just off the show, things are going well.

Dylan and Alex share updates after Love Island USA

Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart are sharing updates after Love Island USA. If you check them out on social media, they are both sharing updates. It looks like they have made it safely back to the USA. Dylan recently went to Instagram and shared a photo of the two having a fun, goofy time together. Check them out below.


Alexandra shared on her story that she has been FaceTiming Dylan already. She is also now watching her season of Love Island USA. Of course, she couldn’t watch it while she was on the show. It looks like Dylan and she are apart for the first time in a while. Hopefully, this relationship can last, but things are looking great so far. These two should continue to update fans on their plans.

How are other couples doing?

So far, it looks like the couples are still going strong. They aren’t back in the real world just yet. Zac and Elizabeth have been posting a lot with each other. They are just enjoying life. Cash and Kyra are still together as well. This couple got back together at the end of the season as she was leaving. He came back to Fiji to get his girl. Ray hasn’t posted about Caro just yet. She said they were going to be apart for 11 days.

Are you excited to see that Dylan and Alex of Love Island USA are still going strong? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss Season 2 of Love Island USA when it airs. It has been renewed, but an air date hasn’t been shared just yet.

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