‘Love Island’ USA Update: How Are Cashel Barnett And Kyra Green?

Cashel Barnett Love Island instagram

The fans of Love Island USA fell in love with Cashel Barnett and Kyra Green as a couple. Cashel got sent home early and Kyra stuck around. She realized that she loved Cash and wanted to be with him. When it was time to go home, Cashel had flown back to Figi to be with her. These two made it clear they wanted a future together.

Cashel Barnett goes back to see Kyra

Cashel actually went to his Instagram to share a video about when he went back to see Kyra. He was very open about the fact that it was all for her. He had barely landed from his flight before heading back. In this post, he called her his “everything.”


Kyra shared on the show that they only lived 20 minutes away from each other. That does make this relationship a lot easier to work out.

How are these two now?

It has been about a week since they met up again on Love Island USA. It looks like Kyra and Cashel are doing great. The two have been posting about each other on Instagram. Check out the video below from Kyra from one day ago explaining a bit.


In these clips, she says she is excited to be out of the villa. Another thing she comments on is being able to hang with “her man” without cameras around. It is pretty clear that Cash and Kyra are going to try to make this relationship work. Only time will tell if it does or not.

Are you excited to see that Cashel Barnett and Kyra Green are trying to make their relationship work? Share your thoughts in the comments. Also, don’t forget that Love Island USA has been renewed for Season 2.  No word yet on when it will air.

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