‘OutDaughtered’: Adam And Danielle Busby Step Outside The Girl Box With Graeson Bee Boutique

OutDaughtered Graeson Bee Boutique

OutDaughtered parents, Adam and Danielle Busby stepped outside the girl box and launched their new boutique online clothing store. While it caters to moms and girls, it’s also got an emphasis on clothing for boys. Graeson Bee Boutique’s a nice name, and it turns out that the Busby’s seriously considered the name Graeson if they ever had a son. So, as Danielle says on the It’s A Buzz World Blog, “But God had other plans for us and BLESSED us with a house full of ALL girls!”

OutDaughtered family named their Graeson Boutique after a son they never had

The origin of the name’s very dear to Danielle, who explained, “When dreaming of opening a boutique and thinking about what we would name it, we knew we wanted to incorporate the name Graeson…as a way of stepping out of our box of all things girl and making this shop “our son.” Plus, Danielle mentions how much fun she had shopping for boys recently.

Over on her Instagram, Danielle told OutDaughtered fans about the launch. Plus, she directed people to the new Instagram site for the store. She posted on the new page, “Who’s excited?? 10 MINUTES til graesonbee.com is live!!!” It seems that some people rushed straight over to try and buy, but initially, people reported awaiting their confirmation email. However, not long after, the site went live.


Danielle and Adam Busby’s new clothing store

Over in the new store, there’s already quite a good range of stock. Offering free shipping for purchases over $50, some items sold out already. The range includes some really cute mini-me style outfits. The Mommy Indie Midi Dress is really cute. Even better for OutDaughtered, fans, the girls model quite a few of the clothes in the store. Danielle also models, and there are some popular items in that range.

Rompers and jumpsuits come in one category, but the boys’ clothing line’s interesting as well. One item in there that even girls would enjoy is the Shark Attack Snapback Hat. Other items include flannel and button-down shorts. Tee’s collared shorts and shorts also feature, as do long pants. The signup option at the bottom of the landing page offers giveaways and special offers.

Fans react to the new shop

Over on Instagram, it looks like this boutique’s getting some love from OutDaughtered [email protected] posted, “Omg I just got a chance to look and the site and everything is soooo cute!!! I hope things that are sold out come back in stock soon!” However, others were simply “gutted” as they don’t ship to the UK yet. Nevertheless, Danielle’s looking into that in time. She wrote, “we hope to expand to other countries in the future!”

What do you think of the range of clothing at Adam and Danielle Busby’s Graeson Bee Boutique? Don’t you just love the name and the story behind that?

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