Kathryn Dennis Is Facing New Accusations From Thomas Ravenel And These Are The Worst Ones Yet

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Thomas Ravenel keeps on taking punches at Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm. The two have engaged for months in a heated custody battle for their two children.

Ravenel has made some pretty serious accusations about Dennis, but these new claims go way beyond anything he’s said before. The starlet did recently admit she was in the wrong for allowing her boyfriend to sleep over. Now the claims against her just keep piling up. Recently on an episode of Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis said she regained full custody. The show is now taking place in 2018.

According to The Cheat Sheet at this point she was out of rehab and taking regular drug tests at this point. However, Kathryn never signed the agreement. Ravenel retained full custody and fans pointed out she wasn’t being truthful on the show. She made it seem like the custody battle was over. It had just gotten started at that point.

What Thomas Ravenel Says Kathryn Dennis Has Allegedly Done Now

First he alleged Kathryn has been diagnosed with seventeen different mental health conditions. These include OCD, ADD, Kleptomania, and being bipolar. He says for those conditions she has seventeen different prescriptions and abuses them.

This is in line with what he’s been saying all along. Now his new accusations say she allegedly hasn’t paid taxes since 2015. His claim insists she owes a lot of money in back taxes. He says this is on top of earning six-figures on Southern Charm. The court documents scrutinized everything she spent in 2017 and 2018. Her spending on travel, hair, and makeup, gives him more ammo. He’s stated she makes poor financial decisions.


Kathryn Can Be Her Own Worst Enemy

Kathryn Dennis sometimes sets herself back in the custody battle. She wrecked her car with the kids inside and allegedly didn’t tell Ravenel. According to The Blast she struck a guardrail, trees, and two light poles because she became distracted by her children. Thank goodness Kensie, Saint, and Kathryn were okay. Thomas is understandably upset he had to hear about it on the news.

A simple phone call would have saved her the trouble of having to hear Thomas talk about this incident in court. The battle for custody will continue because the court hasn’t made a decision yet. Kathryn’s saga will also continue to play out on Southern Charm this season. Ravenel has proven he will use everything he can against her. He’s looking for whatever he can use in their never-ending battle for the kids.

Whether the accusations against Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are true, hopefully they can reach a decision soon. It will only be for the benefit of their children. Kensie and Saint need both their parents.

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