Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Launch Series Called ‘J And J Q And A’ On Instagram

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo announced their first episode of a new program they call J&J Q&A On Instagram. On Wednesday, they shared two of them, and fans really appreciate the platform. Just sitting together in their sun studio, Jinger and Jeremy chat about a range of things they noted on sheets of paper.  This should go down well, as the Counting On couple talk, among other things, about their new life in Los Angeles.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo welcome viewers to their Sunroom studio for the Q&A

The couple introduced themselves and welcomed viewers of their “little video.” Jeremy explained that for “today,” they would play a sort of game where they “ask each other questions. Then, answer them.” In fact, they may answer the fans’ questions as well.  Jeremy said if viewers wanted them to answer something, they should “send in a message.” But, they can’t promise to answer all of them.

First up, Jeremy asked Jinger, “if you could live anywhere in the world (outside of the USA) where would you live?” Her reply, “Europe,” but she has no particular preference. Later, he asked Jinger “how do you get time alone with a one-year-old running around the house?” Jeremy added that “Lissy’s almost walking now, and we…watch her every second of the day.” Jinger says she gets a bit of space if Lissy’s “in her playpen” or in her walker. Sometimes, Jeremy takes her for a while.

J&J Q&A continues and brings some insight into the Vuolo lives

Jinger then asked Jeremy if he “likes her hair blonde or brunette.” Whoa, Jeremy – those are trick questions! Jeremy did the usual man thing, wary of saying the wrong thing and said, “I like them both.” Eventually, he said he does “love it blonde,” but “I love it brunette too.” Then they joked about Jinger going “red next.” Overall, Jeremy wondered if hair color was important.

Jeremy then asked Jinger, “Is there a single food that you hate?” Well, Jinger came up with “insects.” Jeremy laughed but Jinger explained she’s not keen on crunchy things in her food. “When it comes to insects…” Jeremy seemed a bit unprepared for “insects,” saying he would not have thought of them in a category of food. So, they discussed it a bit more, and Jinger said she isn’t “picky” and can’t really think of anything. Of course, that related to American food.

Other random facts that came out

Jeremy hated apple pie for a long time. When he was about six, he went to a BBQ at a friend’s place. There he “ate six pieces of apple pie.” He says, “I felt terribly sick.” The next time he tried it, he was in his 20s. Moving on, they agreed that Lissy’s favorite words these days are “Daddy” and “Hi.” Jeremy says she loves to wave and “say hi – even to a YouTube Video like Baby Shark.”

Obviously, more things were shared in Episode 1 of the J&J Q&A, and you can take a look at all of it in the embed below.


Fans enjoyed the little show, and luckily, they posted up episode 2 shortly after that. Hopefully, the Vuolos continue to share these Q&As as it shines a light on them and their daily lives. The only thing that could improve is the sound. You may need to wear your headphones on full volume.

What do you think of the J&J Q&A? Do you think it’s a really nice way to get to know Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo a bit better? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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