Scott Disick Reviews For Reality Show ‘Flip It Like Disick’ Say He Has Too Much Time On His Hands

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Scott Disick is known for being a trouble-maker turned great dad on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. According to Jezebel, Flip It Like Disick brings Scott together with an eclectic group including; Willa Ford, a former pop star, his business partner Benny, and Miki Mor, a contractor. The group goes out and makes the flips happen but it seems like Disick is the money guy.

In the first part of the premiere episode, he says, “most people think I’m unemployed but my real passion is real estate.” He then spends the rest of the show talking about his inspiration and just telling those on his team what to do. In the beginning he also says, “I do know luxury and I do know how to make money.” The first house they go to see, he bought without looking at it. Scott, Miki, and Benny are a real boys club and they love to yell at each other.

What Happens On The Scott Disick Show Flip It Like Disick?

Scott walks around with his team throwing out things or them to do. He makes his typical inappropriate sexual jokes. Within the first five minutes of the show, Kris Jenner arrives and we forget what show we’re in. The second episode is very Kourtney heavy according to The Daily Beast.

As far as something fans might want to see, Radar Online reported Sofia Richie, his lady love was cut from the show. A source said, the producers felt having her would just take away from him. This is interesting since Kris Jenner is one of the producers. With the Kardashians, French Montana and Willa Ford among the celebrities showing up on the show, he’s definitely cashing in favors with famous friends. 

How Does It Stack Up In The Kardashian World?

Scott Disick doesn’t really have a structure for the show. You aren’t sure what is going to happen while it’s on. The end result comes off as an expensive hobby and less of a business. The show really just showcases that Scott has changed from the jerk he could be to the new man he is. As far as doing any of the work, he basically just supervises. It seems like this strange mixed together reality show and fix-it-upper plot could have been on KUWTK.

If Scott is looking for a story line, maybe spending millions on houses he isn’t selling isn’t the best move. No matter what The Lord Scott Disick has always been able to entertain, whether you’re cringing or not. To be fair this is just his first episode, he might win the critics over.  


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