‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Krystal Nielson Talks Baby

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Bachelor in Paradise stars Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone fell in love just last season when they were in Paradise. The two later decided to tie the knot. Now, it looks like they are taking the next step in their relationship and looking to add a third member to their family.

Krystal Nielson is baby ready

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone are ready for a new member to join their family the Bachelor in Paradise stars revealed. The two think that by the beginning of the year they will be officially ready to start trying. Until then, they have revealed they are doing a cleanse of their whole body People says. This will prepare them for getting ready to become parents.

“We’re talking about the beginning of the year, starting to try for a family. … Truly what we’re doing through the end of the year is a full cleanse of the mind, body and spirit, just getting ready for the next chapter,” Krystal revealed.

Apparently, despite their far-out timeline, Krystal is already off birth control, so it sounds like a little one could actually come along at any time.


The two tie the knot

Krystal and Chris actually just recently officially got married after their iconic Bachelor in Paradise engagement last season. Their wedding was on June 16th and included many other Bachelor Nation alumni. Of course, Chris Harrison was there to officiate. The wedding even took place in Mexico in the same spot they shared their first date. How sweet is that?

After getting married, all they cared about was getting settled into their marriage and their new home in Los Angeles. The two previously lived in San Diego.

“Our number one focus is to get settled and set a strong foundation for our marriage,” Krystal said following the wedding. “And then we’ll start practicing [for kids]!”

Since the wedding, the two have looked so happy on Instagram. They really appear to be living their best lives as a couple. It’s clear the pair is meant to be together, they just needed Paradise to make it official. Now, they will hopefully add a little baby to the mix to make it even more perfect.

What do you think of Chris and Krystal having babies? Let us know if you think they’re ready in the comments. Be sure to watch the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. It’s already off to a pretty dramatic start!

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