‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Tyler C Went Back to Gigi Hadid’s Apt, Details of Date Revealed

Tyler C from Bachelorette Instagram

The news came out last night that Tyler C of The Bachelorette was on a date with Gigi Hadid. At first, not very many details were out. Now, Us Weekly is sharing about how Tyler C ended up going back to her apartment and more. So far, both of them are staying quiet about what happened. That hasn’t kept details from coming out, though.

The Bachelorette Tyler C and his date with Gigi

The date between Tyler C and Gigi Hadid started out at Soho was the rumors. Now it is being revealed that they were at Dumbo house. This is in New York and is a members-only club. They spent some time there before leaving around 10 p.m.

Tyler C and Gigi Hadid tried to make it look like they were not leaving together. That wasn’t the case, though. Instead, they went out doors separately and then met at the same SUV. Gigi went out the front and Tyler went out the back. That didn’t stop everyone from figuring out that they were leaving together, though.

After that, they were taken back to Gigi’s home. So far, no details are out about when Tyler C left her. Just a few days ago he stayed all night at The Bachelorette Hannah B’s place in LA. It looks like he is enjoying the single life.

Are Hannah B and Tyler C not together?

Hannah B and Tyler C did spend a night together. The thing is so far all they are admitting to was talking. They are both living the single life. If these two end up together, then they may wait a bit to tell everyone. The fact that Tyler is dating around means he probably won’t end up being cast as The Bachelor for 2019. ABC already shared that they won’t be announcing this for a bit. They want to see who everyone loves on Bachelor in Paradise this season. There could end up being a favorite that they cast.

What do you think of Tyler C and Gigi Hadid as a couple? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on every Monday and Tuesday on ABC. It is going to be a wild season of the show.

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