‘GMA’ To Reveal Two ‘DWTS’ Contestants, Rumors Fly It Will Be Tyler C, Hannah B

Tyler C Instagram Dancing With the Stars

Tomorrow Good Morning America will announce two new members of Dancing With the Stars. The new season will start airing after Bachelor in Paradise. Now, Cinema Blend is sharing about the rumors that it could end up being Tyler C and Hannah B. These two would be great on the show. Past contestants of The Bachelorette have done DWTS, but never two in the same season.

Could these two join Dancing With the Stars?

Hannah B already made the big move to LA. She didn’t share why, but the news came out. This means that she could easily be doing Dancing With the Stars. Regardless, it is possible that Hannah is on the show and Tyler isn’t.

Now, Tyler C has made it clear that he is interested in doing DWTS. He did just mention that he was flying away from LA. That could mean he was headed home. It could also mean he was going to New York City so that he could film Good Morning America. Fans will have to wait and see tomorrow morning for sure.

Tyler loves to dance. He thought that football would get him on the show, but maybe The Bachelorette will do it instead.

What would this change?

Tyler C would not be able to be The Bachelor if he did Dancing With the Stars. These two film at the exact same time. The thing is if he ends up dating Hannah B, then he wouldn’t be on the show anyway. ABC has not cast The Bachelor for next season yet.

With Hannah B and Tyler C both allegedly doing the show, they could get really close. If they both join Dancing With the Stars that will give them the perfect time to get to know each other better. They would both be in the same area, but they would also both be very busy. Only time will tell if these two end up dating.

Do you think that Hannah B and Tyler C should be on Dancing With the Stars? Don’t miss Good Morning America tomorrow when they reveal these two new cast members. The show has been gone for an entire year now. It is time for a new season and one with celebrities that fans want to see.

Update: For some reason they did not make an announcement, but that doesn’t change the rumors.

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