‘My 600 LB Life’ Star Sarah Neeley Is In Recovery Fighting For Her Life

Sarah Neeley made a huge change in her life with My 600 LB Life. She became the fifth-biggest weight-loss star on the show. Last month according to Starcasm she entered rehab for an unknown drug addiction. They just revealed the news.

Now she’s fighting for her life and remarking on how crazy it was. She said it’s unreal to overcome an addiction to food and get addicted to something else. The new addiction had to be just as dangerous if not more so.

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How Has Rehab Helped Sarah Neeley And What Lies Ahead?

Sarah Neeley said she’s given herself over to a higher power to escape addiction. She said she’d told a friend, “I know for a fact that it will take over my life.” This was referring to the new addiction she dealt with that led to entering rehab. She said food was her drug and she never compared it to heroin or alcohol because to her it wasn’t that bad. But she states addiction is addiction.

The first few weeks of treatment seem to be positive for the reality alum. She shared a picture of her saying she’d just “gotten out of church, and prayed hard for the first time in a long time.”

Once again in a different picture later the same day she said, “I’m in better hands now.” She hashtagged the photo of a candlelit bath with live for today. Fans are happy to see her going into recovery. She stated she feels like she has a purpose now and that leaves them hopeful. Saying she’s going to continue the “fight for her health,” shows she has a will to do better.

Learning How To Heal And Moving Towards Recovery

This new addiction has been a teachable thing for Sarah Neeley. In a post shared by Starcasm she said, “I’ve grown up with friends who’ve fallen to addiction. I didn’t understand why the hell they wouldn’t stop. I’m on the other side now, I get the chase, I get the shame. I will never judge another addict again.” Because of her addiction, she now sees things differently.

Sarah Neeley’s Instagram account is private, but the article says in her latest post she alluded to a miscarriage she suffered during the filming of Where Are They Now. Undoubtedly the star has some things to work through, but she’s in the best place to do that.  Here’s to hoping she can continue her recovery journey, stay sober, and live a better life.


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