90 Day Fiance: Olga Shares Vid Clip Of Her Dog With Baby Alex, Fan Expresses Concern

90 Day Fiance Baby Alex and Olga

90 Day Fiance fans and other TLC stars are no strangers to parent-shaming. However, a concern expressed by one of Olga’s fans seems genuine rather than condemning her. The concerns were expressed on a photo post that Olga shared of her and little Alex. It’s a gorgeous picture. However, the comment about the dog came after she previously shared a vid clip of baby Alex with the dog.

90 Day Fiance fan grows concerned about the dog and baby Alex

On her Instagram Stories, Olga shared a clip of the dogs playing around. As the clips progressed, we saw baby Alex crouching over, hugging the beautiful animal. He seemed very happy and started crawling around, looking like he wanted to get atop it. After that, the vid cut off, so we don’t know what, if anything, happened next. However, when Alex draped himself on the dog, it looked at him. It was after that when Alex tried to get up, that the dog looked vaguely less than impressed.

On Olga’s post, one fan commented in a kind manner to the 90 Day Fiance alum, about the danger of dogs and toddlers. They said, “On your Story, with the dog…. be careful. It looked as if he was beginning to wrinkle his nose when Alex was crawling on him. Be very careful … ❤️” So, as you can see, this comment came across as genuinely concerned, rather than tolling on Olga. TV Shows Ace screengrabbed some shots of the dog and the 90 Day Fiance baby. Do you think the dog looked potentially aggressive?

90 Day Fiance Baby Alex
Image credits – Olga Koshimbetove | Instagram Stories

The beautiful photo that Olga posted up of her and Alex

The comment about the dog came on a photo that Olga shared. She explained it was her “first normal selfie with Alex.” A bit of a throwback picture, Olga explained it came from when the 90 Day Fiance couple, Olga and Steven Frend went to Ocean City. The photo is very nice, and that baby looks so Instagrammable! Here’s what some of Olga’s fans said about it:

  • @car**: “He looks like a toddler already! Just gorgeous.. great mama Olga!”
  • @45k8*: “Olga, you and Alex are so beautiful. So glad you are here with Steven as a family. You are a great Mom!”
  • @mar**: “What a handsome lil man 😘”
  • @nc_**: “Mama’s eyes and mouth! Precious!”
  • @cri**: “So cute, times flies, seems just like yesterday I watch you and Steven have Alex was newly born, now look at him, big boy look like his Dady👍🏻😊❤”
  • @pat**: “Beautiful son you have. Just like his Mama 😍❤️”


What did you think of the gorgeous photo of baby Alex? Is he just the cutest little fellow? Also, on the vid clip, did you think the fan was right to post her concerns about the dog? Do you think Olga’s dog looked like he was about to wrinkle his nose and maybe snap? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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