Reality Steve Adds Another Name To The Running for ‘The Bachelor’ 2020

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Another dramatic season of The Bachelorette is behind us. The Luke P Show, Jed, his guitar and his jingles not worthy of kibble are all in the rearview mirror. Beginning last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live and continuing today on Good Morning America, Hannah made the media rounds solo.

The chatter pertaining to did she do the right thing, which of her final men should she really have chosen, why didn’t she see the signs and listen to her parents, etc will soon die down. All that will remain for Bachelor Nation who moves on rather quickly will be a handful of Hannah’s men who are trying their hand at love again on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise (BIP) which premieres this upcoming Monday, August 12. For the remainder of the summer, Bachelor Nation will watch the antics of a bunch of Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects canoodling on the beach in Mexico for two hours every Monday and Tuesday nights.

Talk about the next Bachelor

Meanwhile, the question of “who will be the next Bachelor? still remains. Another dramatic season of The Bachelorette is behind us. He upcoming season of The Bachelor will begin taping sometime in September (about a week to 10 days after the BIP finale airs) in order to produce the show to premiere right after New Years.

There has been talk about it possibly being someone from this season. So if Peter or Mike aren’t chosen, who would it possibly be? Well if Tyler C and Hannah don’t work out he is one option. Reality Steve had other ideas as well.

According to Reality Steve in his post today,

“Nothings changed, other than the fact that unless Tyler and Hannah are completely broken off within the next month, we can take him out of the running this season for the ‘Bachelor.’ Which basically leaves Peter and Mike as your top candidates. Let me throw a third name in there for you now. And it’s not a name I’ve been told has been approached, and I don’t even know if he’d do it, but if we’re saying that Mike is a candidate, how can we not say Clay is a candidate? I mean, if there’s anyone from Paradise they’d even consider, it’d have to be Clay, no? We’ll see him on all 12 episodes, he gets to the end, and he leaves single? Why would Mike be a candidate and Clay not? Clay will actually be fresher on more people’s minds by the end of this thing. Again, I haven’t even heard Clay’s name mentioned, I just thought about the fact we know they can possibly pull from Paradise, and he’s the only name who’s single that I could even see them entertaining. Basically, if Mike is a candidate, then Clay is as well. That announcement won’t be made until the end of the month, so just keep that in mind. Nobody knows anything at this point, nothings been decided, and no one’s been told they are the ‘Bachelor.’ Be patient.”

Steve’s new idea could be a good one

There is some validity to Reality Steve’s thinking. Many viewers have already confused Clay Harbor with Mike on the trailers for BIP. Also, it was in a column similar to this one where Reality Steve wrote that a friend of his considered Hannah as a possibility as the next Bachelorette and we all know how that ended up.

One other suggestion would be to have fan-favorites and now close friends Tyler and Pete as co-Bachelors. Hopefully, they wouldn’t keep falling for the same girl. Pete seems to have a type if you compare Calee and Hannah. But he as wanted to be a contestant for over 2 years. (And we shouldn’t completely rule out Tyler as The Bachelor so fast as he seems to have already friend-zoned Hannah. Not only a classy, handsome, well-built guy with a smoking body but a smart man too.)

Could it be the ring causing splits?

One additional suggestion (from one of Reality Steve’s readers) for the upcoming Bachelor, if you do want to wound up married to the final female at the end, do not select an oval (Neil Lane) engagement ring. This shape sparkler may be cursed as it was the ring the following couples got engaged in but are no longer together or the owners of Hannah and Jed, Becca and Arie, Jenna and Jordan.  Engagement rings with non-oval shaped stones have a much higher success rate! (It could also simply be that these couples were not meant to be together forever.)

Lastly, not to beat a dead horse (or in this case musician), but Kate Coyne of People tweeted that Jed refused to do a quick interview with the magazine to explain himself. Enough said. Silence is not always golden.

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